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The Admitted Student Questionnaire (ASQ) identifies Earlham as “isolated” and much less appealing than its peers in terms of its surroundings and access to off-campus activities. The strategies included in Pillar #5 of the Earlham Strategic Plan aim to reposition Earlham as a vibrant geographic hub rather than an isolated enclave, with a wide range of opportunities both academically and socially available beyond the campus boundaries.

Core strategies for Pillar #5 are as follows:

  1. Raise Earlham’s visibility in the Richmond community
  2. Connect students to “weekender” regional opportunities for recreation, the arts, professional athletic events, and cultural events
  3. Leverage partnerships to extend the range of academic opportunities available
  4. Enhance and extend the range of international study options for Earlham students
  5. Reinvigorate and increase community service in the local area