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Theme House Communities

Theme houses are elements of our residential life program that have special connections to our educational program. Many are supported by an academic department and advised by a member of the teaching faculty. These communities provide special experiences that extend various aspects of our educational program. Theme houses enable both majors and non-majors with an active interest in a field to live together and explore a theme in a more indepedent residential setting. Please read our Theme House Policy Statement.

The Committee on Campus Life reviews Theme House communities every four years, and will begin the process this fall.  For the 2013-2014 year, no new Theme House proposals are being accepted, in order to allow the Committee to establish standards and begin their work.

Currently housed Theme House Communities (and those seeking reinstatement for 2013) should provide an updated proposal and their roster by March 18, 2013.  Are you interested in joining a theme community?  Fill out the online form here.

Friendship House Communities

Friendship Houses provide students with the opportunity to establish an intentional community, within the larger Earlham community, based on shared social, academic, or service-based interests. Unlike the Theme communities, Friendship Communities need not be connected with an academic department. Proposals that promote service, shared responsibility for house activities, and academic success are strongly preferred. Friendship communities should bear in mind the College's priorities on sustainability, wellness and living respectfully with our greater community.

Friendship Group proposals are due March 18, 2013.

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Cunningham Cultural Center

Cunninghamcenter _1

Theme: African/African-American Cultural Center
Location: 420 College Avenue
Occupancy: 6

Doan House


Theme: Beit Kehillah - Jewish Cultural Center
Location: 306 College Avenue
Occupancy: 9

The residents of JCC sponsor weekly Shabbat dinners, maintain a library of resources on Jewish life and faith, and provide special events on holidays and other occasions.

Foster House


Theme: Outdoor Education
Location: 712 National Road West
Occupancy: 10

Gurney House


Theme: Environmental House
Location: 326 College Avenue
Occupancy: 6

Hicks House


Theme: Buddhist House
Location: 531 National Road West
Occupancy: 5

Hobbs House


Theme: Deutsches Haus - German House
Location: 414 College Avenue
Occupancy: 5

Jay House

Jay -tour

Theme: LGBTQ House
Location: 535 National Road West
Occupancy: 7

Marshall House


Theme: Quaker House
Location: 301 College Ave.
Occupancy: 7

Quaker Living Learning House provides an environment for Quaker students and students interested in Quakerism. The house provides an atmosphere and a space where residents explore what Quakerism means to students, community members and others. House sponsored events to make the Quaker presence on campus more visible include workshops, worship and fellowship.


Mott House


Theme: Japan House
Location: 900 National Road West
Occupancy: 5

Penn House


Theme: Casa Hispana - Spanish House
Location: 620 National Road West
Occupancy: 8

Russell House


Theme: International Culture Center 
Location: 610 National Road West
Occupancy: 7

Thornburg House


Theme: Interfaith House
Location: 400 College Avenue
Occupancy: 7

InterFaith House brings together students of different religions to grow in their own faith and observance and to promote knowledge, understanding, and cooperation among people of diverse spiritual perspectives.

Wildman House


Theme: Maison Française - French House
Location: 416 College Avenue
Occupancy: 8

Woodman House


Theme: Literary Arts House
Location: 240 College Avenue
Occupancy: 8


Cutter House

Cutterhouse _1

Location: 440 College Avenue
Occupancy: 12

Edwards House


Location: 410 College Avenue
Occupancy: 8

Marmon House


Location: 806 National Road West
Occupancy: 12

Reece House


Location: 624 National Road West
Occupancy: 6

Rowntree House


Location: 527 National Road West
Occupancy: 5

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