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Religious Theme Houses

There are four religious theme houses on campus. They provide special opportunities for living and practicing various religious traditions on campus. After their first year, any Earlham student is welcome to apply for housing in one of these four theme houses.

For more information on theme houses and friendship houses, visit the Office of Residence Life.

Hicks House

Hicksrellife _1

Theme: Bodhi (Buddhist) House
Location: 531 National Road West
Occupancy: 5
Adviser: Lyn Miller
Conveners: Rebecca Richeimer,
Marc Mathy

Bodhi House provides a space on campus for Buddhist students and students interested in Buddhism to practice meditation, encourage one another in exploring Buddhism, and making the Buddhist presence on campus more visible. The residents of the house host daily evening meditations, maintain a library of Buddhist resources, and host a variety of other religious life events.

Marshall House


Theme: Quaker House
Location: 302 College Avenue
Occupancy: 7
Adviser: Kelly Burk

Quaker Living Learning House provides an environment for Quaker students and students interested in Quakerism. The house provides an atmosphere and a space where residents explore what Quakerism means to students, community members and others. House sponsored events to make the Quaker presence on campus more visible include workshops, worship and fellowship.

Rowntree House


Theme: Beit Kehillah - Jewish Cultural Center
Location: 527 National Road West
Occupancy: 5
Adviser: Emily Filler
Convener: Jacob Harris

The residents of JCC sponsor weekly Shabbat dinners, maintain a library of resources on Jewish life and faith, and provide special events on holidays and other occasions.

Thornburg House


Theme: Interfaith House
Location: 400 College Avenue
Occupancy: 7
Adviser: Kelly Burk

InterFaith House brings together students of different religions to grow in their own faith and observance and to promote knowledge, understanding, and cooperation among people of diverse spiritual perspectives.

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