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Laurel Pegram

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


  • Chemistry


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • A.B., Vassar College

Selected Courses

I am currently teaching CHEM 341, Thermodynamics and Kinetics and a Senior Seminar course for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors. I also teach the lab for CHEM 341 as well as an introductory chemistry lab (CHEM 111). I am really excited to bring a new biophysical chemistry course to Earlham in the spring of 2016.


Laurel Pegram teaches such courses as Thermodynamics and Kinetics, a Senior Seminar course for chemistry, and an introductory chemistry lab. She is also enthusiastically developing a biophysical chemistry course for Earlham.

Her primary research interest is the profound influence of solutes and salt ions on the thermodynamics of biomolecular processes. “There are a multitude of fields in which the collection and interpretation of these data are important,” she says, “and I am excited to see the directions Earlham students will take this research!”

She loves Earlham for its dedication to the liberal arts and its diverse character. “The Earlham community includes such a diverse array of smart, dedicated learners (both students and colleagues),” she says. “Who wouldn't choose to be a part of that?”

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