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Rodolfo Guzmán

Professor of Spanish


  • Languages & Literatures
  • International Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Spanish and Hispanic Studies


  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
  • M.A., Johns Hopkins University
  • M.A., University of Maryland
  • B.D., Universite Pedagogica Nacional

Selected Courses

SPAN 416 FILM, HISTORIA Y FICCION — This course offers an introduction to Latin American literary and cinematic interpretation of historical events and national aspirations. We will explore and analyze how some novels and films from Latin America incorporate in their narratives topics such as slavery, national heroes, modernization, gender and sexuality, class struggles, emigration and popular culture. We will discuss how these texts produce knowledge about the past and how they reproduce or confront hegemonic discourses. The class will be conducted in Spanish.   

SPAN 418 TOPICS IN COLONIAL LATIN AMERICA: WONDER, WRITING AND POSSESSING  — An examination of iconographic, historical and poetic texts of Latin American Colonial times and its cultural significance in what is called the "Invention of America."  What cultural paradigms about Indians, Nature and Europeans were established in the first texts after the "discovery" until the 17th century? How did the colonizer envision and control the new territories? This course will answer such questions through a multi-disciplinary analysis of maps, book illustrations, and an anthology of colonial texts (the readings and class discussions will be conducted in Spanish).


Rodolfo Guzmán teaches a variety of courses, with a special focus on the literature and film of Latin America. His own research interests include the cultural and political production of the Criollos (a socio-racial stratum that originated during colonial times) in the Americas as well as the deconstruction of new historical novels and popular entertainments.

My research interests include the cultural and political production of the Criollos (a socio-racial stratum that originated during colonial times) in the Americas, the Afro-Hispanic's experience, the Indigenous narratives of the Andean region, and the deconstruction of the historical discourse through the new historical novels and popular performances.

Of his students Rodolfo says, “their passion for learning and questioning the status quo always stimulates my daily life as a college professor, and promotes my own intellectual growth and professional development.”

Research Projects

In my current research project I am studying the representation and evaluation of the Colonial period in 19th century historical novels. I am also interested in the cultural and political implications of international education and programs abroad in liberal arts colleges

Professional Memberships

Modern Language Association (MLA)
Latin American Studies Association (LASA)
Asociacion de Colombianistas

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