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Politics Major Four-Year Plan

The Four-Year Plan is designed to assist students in long-term academic planning. Students aren't required to declare a major until the end of their sophomore year, but we think it is an excellent idea to start planning much earlier. The four-year plan of study, provided here, is not intended to take the place of academic advising. Students are strongly encouraged to visit with us every semester to discuss specific course selections and progress toward fulfilling the major requirements. The plan does, however, provide an overview of a recommended approach to course selection that will ensure that you can graduate in four years. And, it does this while providing you with the space to participate in off-campus study -- which we feel is critical to your Earlham Experience.

  • Students should take:
    • POLS 111: Introduction to Politics (this course is the prerequisite for all other courses within the major)
  • Students are encouraged to complete their quantitative requirement, from among the following courses:
    • ECON 100: Introduction to Economics
    • MATH 120: Elementary Statistics
    • SOAN 245: Social Research Methods
  • Students are encouraged to take a political philosophy course, such as:
    • POLS 361 Political Philosophy I
    • POLS 362 Political Philosophy II
    • POLS 366 American Political Thought
  • Students are encouraged to take one or two upper-level courses, such as:
    • POLS 341: Political Parties and Elections
    • POLS 343: Legislative Toolkit
    • POLS 349: National Security Policy via Film
    • POLS 351: Democracy and Democratization
    • POLS 355: Politics of the Developing World
    • POLS 371: Theories of International Relations
  • Students are encouraged to fulfill at least one A.R.T.S. requirement
  • Students should complete their A.R.T.S. requirements (or at least before taking the senior capstone)
  • Students should ensure that they have taken at least one course in each primary subfield:
    • American Politics
    • Comparative Politics
    • International Relations
  • If they haven't done so already, students are encouraged to complete a significant co- or extra-curricular activity related to their Politics major, such as:
    • Earlham Model United Nations
    • Earlham Student Government
    • Political Internship
  • Honors candidates must take POLS339: Approaching Political Puzzles (during Fall Semester)
  • All majors must take the POLS488: Senior Capstone Experience (during Spring Semester)
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