Engagement, Initiative and Leadership

Earlham sees engagment with community governance as another key component of co-curriculum education. Students can get involved through student senate, student organizations, student activities and other opportunities.

Through these pursuits, Earlham students can learn how to make thoughtful intentional choices, to develop leadership skills, and to initiate, plan and complete projects successfully.

*Denotes all official student organizations recognized, and therefore funded by, Earlham Student Government.

Action Against Sexual Violence (AASV)*

Action Against Sexual Violence (AASV) is a community united by a common vision. We view rape and other forms of sexual assault as part of a larger societal problem. We are working to change the structures that encourage and condone this kind of violence. Sexual assault is never the survivor’s fault. No one wants or deserves to be sexually assaulted.

AASV provides for the Earlham Community education in topics involving sexual assault, the dangers of masculinity and violence issues. The hope of AASV is to raise awareness of the many conflicts and issues that pertain to and are a precursor of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Agricultural Program and Miller Farm (AG)*

The Agricultural Program, though not an active club presently, provides an opportunity for the Earlham community to participate in activities that facilitate learning about sustainability, provide practical farming experience, develop valuable life-skills, and establish networks with the wider farming community. If you are interested in helping restart the AG Program, please contact the convener or Director of Student Activities

Miller Farm is an intentional community; all the farm students practice resource conservation and ecologically-oriented farming, including upkeep and development of buildings, three organic gardens, and various farm animals. All interested students are encouraged to participate and develop projects of their own.

AIDS Coalition Earlham (ACE)*

AIDS Coalition Earlham (ACE) encourages Earlham College community members to recognize that HIV/AIDS is a global problem and take an active role in the HIV/AIDS epidemic at the local level. Our goals are:

  • To maintain an active relationship with the Center for Mental Health in Richmond by providing support and assistance with such activities as the AIDS Dance-a-thon and the non-food drive
  • To provide HIV/AIDS education to Earlham Community members.
  • To provide transportation to and knowledge about various HIV/AIDS related activities.

ACE is an organization that operates on the basis of consensus and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, income, gender, political affiliation, age, creed, religion, sexual preference, national origin, ancestry or the presence of any handicapping condition.

Amnesty International*

Amnesty International is an independent worldwide human rights organization working on behalf of prisoners of conscience and for the abolition of torture, extrajudicial executions, disappearances and the death penalty. The Earlham Chapter focuses on supporting and assisting political prisoners by sponsoring letter-writing tables and on educating the community about human rights by sponsoring films, speakers and more.

Black Ladies United at Earlham (BLUE)

Black Ladies United at Earlham serves as the support group for black women on campus. They strive to utilize the group's talents and energy on campus and within the Richmond Community.

Black Men United (BMU)

Black Men United strives to redevelop the love from males of African descent on Earlham's campus and to channel this love to the people of our community. We structure our organization around six principles of brotherhood, education, respect, fidelity, history and building bridges. These principles are the backbone of this association as well as our livelihood.

Black Student Union (BSU)*

To construct a more stable union that can better serve the African Diaspora at Earlham, the Black Student Union shall serve as both a support and action group for all of its members, focusing on the principles of equality, education, respect, history and community.

Blue Fish Fencing

Blue Fish Fencing Club's purpose is to provide safe, student-led instruction in the sport of fencing and maintain a supply of equipment to be used by newcomers on Earlham's campus. We intend to send individuals to compete in regional tournaments and interact with local fencing clubs to provide more professional instruction to our advanced members.


Brimley's is Earlham College's only entirely student-run a cappella group. We are an auditioned group of between 12 and 16 men and women, famous for our goofy concerts and dynamic personalities. All of our compositions are arranged by group members and they incorporate all voice parts as well as vocal percussion. We meet twice a week to rehearse for concerts, study-break appearances, and singing valentines.

Buddhism Student Union

The Buddhism Club provides information about Buddhist practice. We support those members of the community who are interested in developing their Buddhist faith. We provide discussion, retreats, badic meditation instruction and visits to Buddhist centers.


The purpose of the Cheerleading organization is to support the football and basketball teams and to encourage fan support. We also hope to rally general support for athletic endeavors and to heighten school spirit. In addition, cheerleading provides aerobic exercise, emphasizes teamwork and enables participants to develop their physical abilities as well as leadership skills.

Chess Club

Chess Club provides a relaxed environment where students can improve their chess skills.

Club Sports

Earlham supports a number of club sports. Students wishing to start a club sport not currently listed are encouraged to do so by contacting the Director of Student Activities.

  • Bike Co-op
  • Cheerleaders
  • Earth Quakers
  • Equestrian Program
  • Frisbee
  • Martial Arts Co-op
  • Men’s Volleyball 
  • Outdoors Club
  • Rugby
  • Women’s Lacrosse

Dance Alloy*

Dance Alloy is a student-run, student-funded organization composed of people from all different dance backgrounds. For at least a decade, Dance Alloy has striven to bring together dancers from all backgrounds to allow individuals to work together as a collective whole. Each semester, our company successfully performs a full scale production of works by students and faculty. For each of our performances, we encourage a variety of movement styles. Dance styles have ranged from abstract to modern, tap, swing, hip-hop, African, ballet and salsa. Dance Alloy's goal is to provide an artistic performance outlet for those interested in expressing themselves through movement. We do not exclude individuals on the basis of ability. All you have to have is the passion to move.

Earlham Christian Fellowship (ECF)*

The Earlham Christian Fellowship is a group of Christians seeking fellowship, teaching and support, and welcome anyone interested in learning about Christianity. Our objective is to introduce individuals to personal faith in Jesus Christ, to help them grow in that faith, and to challenge them to consider their role in God's global church.

Earlham College Bike Co-Op

The Bike Cooperative is an initiative to promote ecologically sustainable transportation, and to encourage community appreciation for bicycles — for their ecological, social, physical and educational benefits. It is a facility open to both the Earlham and Richmond communities where one can come to learn, play and volunteer. In the spirit of a cooperative, knowledge, supplies, tools and camaraderie are shared for the greater good.

Earlham College Birding Club

Earlham College Birding Club seeks to provide students and community members with opportunities to watch and learn about birds in their natural environment.

Earlham College Democrats

The Earlham College Democrats (ECD) seeks to advance the philosophy and purpose of the Democratic Party, both on and off-campus; to engender a community in which political discourse, and political activism, is prominent and essential to the political process.

EC Humanists

Earlham College Humanists aim to provide a community and stewardship for secular activism, promoting scientific awareness and reason, service opportunities, and safe space for any Earlham student, faculty, and/or staff member who identifies as secular, humanist, atheist, non-theist, and/or agnostic.

Earlham College Rugby Football Club (Men and Women)

The Earlham College Rugby Football Club meets regularly to practice and teach the sport of rugby to all who are interested. Both the men's and women's teams practice and compete year round at home and away with other colleges. All skill levels are encouraged to join. Contact conveners for practice times and location.

Earlham Environmental Action Coalition (EEAC)*

Founded on the belief that responsibility towards our surroundings begins with individual action, the Earlham Environmental Action Coalition networks with national and local environmental groups and writes letters to raise awareness of national legislation. We also work with the College to reduce waste, recycle and use recycled products.

Earlham Equestrian Program*

The Earlham Equestrian Program, also known as EC Stables, is a student-run cooperative program committed to providing a safe, accessible, and affordable learning environment for people and horses. We aim to provide education in horsemanship and stable management through activities such as AWPE lessons, the instructors' program, an intercollegiate equestrian team, trail rides, opportunities for the Wayne County community and equine-related activities.

Visit the Equestrian Program website.

Earlham Historical Journal

The Earlham Historical Journal was founded by a group of students in December of 2008 to publish exceptional works of undergraduate historical writing at Earlham College. In Fall semesters, the Journal publishes selected works from the History Senior Seminar class; in the spring there is an open call for submissions from all Earlham students. The first issue of the Journal was published in May of 2009. The journal can be found on the Earlham website at www.earlham.edu/ehj.

Earlham Literary Magazine*

The Earlham Literary Magazine, Crucible, exists to present the creative achievements of Earlham students by publishing two issues each academic year. The magazine contains poetry, prose and artwork created by students, faculty and staff.

Earlham Progressive Union (EPU)

Earlham Progressive Union is a group dedicated to advancing social justice on and off campus by supporting dialogue and action. We welcome all levels of involvement as we seek to provide ways for students to be involved in issues and events about which they are passionate.

Earlham Theatre Company

The Mission of ETC is to provide a space for students interested in any areas of theatre including, but not limited to; acting, directing, producing, designing, and back stage assistance. The group offers the opportunity to increase students' knowledge through extracurricular activities such as: professional workshops and lectures, peer training, and the opportunity to create and present small pieces inside and outside of the institution.

The Earlham Word (college newspaper)*

The Earlham Word is dedicated to keeping the Earlham community informed of news and events happening both on and in the Richmond area. The newspaper provides a unique opportunity for students to work on a student-run newspaper and gain experience in journalistic writing, editing, management, layout and distribution.

Earlham Young Friends (EYF)*

Through fellowship, reflection, fun and worship sharing, Earlham Young Friends, an open and informal group, wants to provide a supportive environment, which will affirm all Quakers and fellow travelers in their process of learning, growing and developing. EYF supports continued service not only to Earlham, but also to the greater community of Richmond and the world. EYF also wishes to facilitate bonds with its supporting yearly meetings.


The Earthquakers Dance Team is a student-run organization created for the purpose of providing halftime entertainment and encouraging school spirit during the football and basketball games. It is a creative outlet, allowing members a chance to choreograph their own pieces. We are an open organization to the Earlham community, and we strive to have a diverse group. Through our time and work, we are a close group that emphasizes teamwork as well as dance.

Gamers United

The mission of Gamers United is to unite the various sects of gamers that appear around campus but rarely interact with each other. We want to provide a way for new friendships to form around a common hobby: Gaming.

Geology Club*

The purpose of the Geology Club is to allow students to further their knowledge in the area of geology and geologic concepts through field trips and group study. We hope to encourage more interest in geology and more hands-on experience in the field. The club takes trips to nearby geologically significant locations. We also have designed t-shirts and hats, and get together regularly to watch geology-related movies regardless of the accuracy of the science involved — actually it's more fun when the movies are pretty inaccurate.

Hunt Seat Equestrian Team*

Earlham's Equestrian Center offers three main programs for students, faculty, staff and the community: (1) Riding lessons are offered each semester; (2) The Riding Assistant's program is designed to train students to become instructors. Upon completion of the program, if the instructor teaches each semester, horse use is free. (3) The Equestrian Team participates in approximately 10 weekend shows each academic year, primarily in Indiana and Illinois.

International Student Coalition

The International Student Coalition strives to educate and expose students to varying ethnic cultures and societies, and encourage students to explore and seek these cultures. Serving as a liaison between international and American students at Earlham, this organization also understands the importance of learning through others’ international experiences.

Jewish Student Union (JSU)*

Providing support for Jews at Earlham, the Jewish Student Union strives to raise awareness about Jewish culture and religion in the greater community. We sponsor secular and religious celebrations, dialog, and we pursue political topics.

Men's Club Volleyball (MCV)*

Active during the winter, Men's Club Volleyball participates in tournaments and plays an outstanding brand of volleyball. No experience is necessary to join and play counts as one AWPE credit for Spring Semester. MCV is like a fine wine. It gets better with age. In our fourth year now, we are truly aged to perfection and will dominate.

Mock Trial

The overriding mission of the Mock Trial Team is to promote awareness, appreciation and adherence to social justice and American legal standards in and out of the courtroom. The mission is not limited in aim to members, but to the Earlham and Richmond communities through not only intercollegiate and inter-squad friendly competition but by any other means deemed appropriate by members and the Executive Council. We believe that the virtuous practice of willfully adhering to not only legal rules and procedure but to this Constitution and other consensually reached standards by a community is absolutely required for participation.

Model UN

The mission of Model UN is to plan and operate an excellent Model UN conference for area high school students. We also send Earlham students to university-level conferences with the intention of skillfully representing member states.

New Measures

New Measures is Earlham College’s all female student-run a capella group. We are an auditioned group of between 12 and 16 women, All of our compositions are arranged by group members and they incorporate all voice parts as well as vocal percussion. We meet twice a week to rehearse for concerts, study-break appearances and other events.

Outdoors Club*

The Outdoors Club encourages enthusiasm for the outdoors and wilderness by promoting and sponsoring activities where participants gain first-hand experience. We hope to inspire people to lead trips or expeditions and to foster an appreciation of the unique attributes of outdoor activities. We also wish to serve as a resource and provide opportunities for fun.

Pan African Society at Earlham (PASE)*

The Pan African Society at Earlham provides an organized framework for the African Community. At the same time, PASE wishes to increase awareness within the Earlham community about Africa — its people, its diversity and its multiple political, economical and cultural issues. Currently PASE is a subcommittee of the Black Student Union.

Pre-Health Club

We provide a forum for students interested in Health careers such as Medicine, Veterinary, and Dentistry to:

  • Share their knowledge and ideas.
  • Obtain information relevant to the Health careers such as MCATs study guides, research opportunities
    and graduate school information
  • Engage in activities related to Health care professions such as visits to clinics.
  • Community service such as volunteering in local hospital and providing educational activities for Earlham students.
  • Organize admissions office representative’s visits to Earlham from professional schools.
  • Organize lectures related to Health care and Health careers
  • Create links with alumni involve in Health careers.

Psychology Club

The Earlham College Psychology Club is an organization of students from a variety of majors who share a common interest in psychology. The club exists to encourage involvement in psychology, to share information about education and careers in psychology, to engage in psychologically related activities, to provide service to the Earlham Psychology Department, and to have fun.

Questing Catholics*

As students and faculty we are committed to remaining in the Catholic Church while at the same time constructively wrestling with the challenges and questions that arise from being active participants in a traditional religious faith. The group seeks to respond to the needs and interests of Catholics so that they can feel comfortable and spiritually nourished.

Rose City Coffee Co-Op (Student Run Coffee Shop)

Founded in 2011 we are a totally student run coffee shop. We are advised by a small board of faculty and staff who help to educate us on business practices and legal issues related to running a business. We are open various hours throughout the week and on weekends we partner with other organizations to host game nights and open mics.

Russian-Speaking Club

This student group would like to expand intercultural understanding between Russian speakers and other groups within the Earlham Community.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club is a club for anybody and everybody who loves these two genres and wants to hang out and talk with others with similar interest. We intend to host fun activities and create an enjoyable space for people to get to make new friends and discuss their passions.

Sociedad de Estudiantes Latinos (SEL)*

Sociedad de Estudiantes Latinos is a community whose focus is self-education in regards to Latino and Latin American issues. Our goals include spreading cultural awareness to the broader Earlham community through educational projects, events and/or community services. By raising these issues we hope to challenge the entire Earlham community (i.e. faculty, staff, students and alumni) to recognize the national Latino demographics and the growing Latino voices. We are a group with a Latin American and Latino focus and are comprised of those interested in these and related issues.

Society of Astronomy & Physics Students (SAPS)

The objectives of this club are to inspire and educate students about physics and astronomy as well as orient physics and astronomy students toward their career goals. School trips will be organized to places such as physics research centers.


Spectrum serves as a support system for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning students in the Earlham community. We also seek to increase campus awareness of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender related issues, and we invite any interested persons, regardless of sexual and gender identity, to join group meetings, movies, lectures, discussions and socials. Spectrum believes it is important for every individual to be able to fully express him or herself and feel confident in all aspects, including in sexual and/or gender identity.

Student Activities Board (SAB)*

As the programming/activities branch of Student Government, Student Activities Board strives to provide a well-balanced and diverse social, recreational and cultural program series for the entire student body. Programs include visiting bands, performances, Air Guitar, Springfest, comedians and much, much more.

Student Executive Council (SEC)*

The Student Executive Council's main purpose is maintaining communication and accountability among the various branches of Student Government. We formulate student government policy and make decisions on issues that affect student government and the student body as a whole.

Student Filmmakers Guild (SFG)*

Got an idea for a great film but can't find the resources? The Student Filmmakers Guild lets you get in touch with anyone you need from across the campus — actors and actresses, producers, editors, choreographers, screenwriters — and provides funding for student-created films of all sorts. The SFG seeks to establish and maintain a habitat where cast, crew and directors can easily find and work with each other while not carrying the entirety of the film's financial burden.

Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP)

With the conviction that the Palestinian narrative is misunderstood and weakly represented in America, Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP) is an organization that works towards highlighting the sufferings of the Palestinian people and the violations of their rights. SPJP at Earlham College was initiated by a group of committed students in January 2008 with a mission of informing the Earlham community about the plight of the Palestinian people by conducting cultural events, festivals, exhibitions, letter writings and petitions on numerous human rights violations and calling for a just and durable solution to the conflict in the Middle East.

Student Nominating Committee (SNC)*

The Student Nominating Committee is the branch of Student Government that appoints student representatives to positions on all standing Earlham committees and task forces.

Student Organizations Council (SOC)*

The Student Organizations Council is the branch of Student Government that allocates funds (derived from student activity fees) to student organizations on campus. We also grant recognition to student organizations, place organizations into co-ops, preside over the actual allocation process, oversee all activities financed through those funds and finally de-recognize organizations when needed (either for inappropriate activity or inactivity).

Ultimate Frisbee (Men's and Women's)*

The first rule in the official rules of Ultimate Frisbee is the "spirit of the game" clause. All players are expected to make their own calls and play fairly while respecting the rules and, most of all, having fun. The team travels to tournaments throughout the country.

Unitarian Universalists (UU)*

The purpose of Unitarian Universalists is to provide interested individuals an opportunity to socialize, worship and to explore self, humanity and spirituality in a safe environment. Past activities include weekly meetings with monthly worships, communication with regional UU's, hosting opportunities to attend the Oxford congregation on a regular basis, and going to regional UU conventions.

WECI Radio Station*
Web Site

WECI, Richmond's only public radio station, is owned by Earlham College. Many students are involved in both on-air operations of WECI each year. From studios in Runyan Center, the station broadcasts a variety of musical, cultural and public affairs programs to the Richmond community, as well as to the Earlham campus. The programming is designed to offer alternatives to that which is available on area commercial stations. WECI's FM radio station is 91.5.

Westwood Tutoring*

Westwood Tutoring exists to facilitate the mutual learning of Earlham College students and of the children living in the Westwood public housing complex while providing an empowering tutoring program for the kids and opportunities for meaningful experiences and skill development for Earlham College students.

Womyn's Center*

The Womyn’s Center is both a space on campus and an organization. The space is located on the fourth floor of Carpenter. It is intended to be a safe space for women, available for use whenever Carpenter is open. The Center is the only place on campus that is reserved for people who self-identify as women. The Womyn’s Center sponsors films, art shows, workshops and feminist student activism. Some events and times at the center may be open to all genders when advertised as such.

World Health Organization

The mission of this organization is to explore and express its members concerns for pressing health issues on a local, national, and global level through sharing ideas. They aim to share knowledge within their communities by spreading awareness, teaching prevention, and taking action. They hope to learn from Earlham’s communities and listen to their health concerns. There seems to be a large interest in public health among Earlham students, but there is no Public Health major and only a few classes offered that explore Public Health.

This group will:

  • Look at the relationship between health issues and their social impact
  • Create internship opportunities for students both in and outside of Richmond.
  • Provide support and an outlet for students who have an interest in public health.Strengthen the bond between the Earlham and Richmond communities, especially in the public health field.
  • Encourage discussion about growing public health issues across the world.

The Student Organizations Council (SOC) encourages the formation of new organizations when students’ needs are not being met by existing groups. A student group desiring recognition by SOC must submit a written constitution to SOC to begin the process. To be recognized by SOC, an organization must fit the criteria listed in the SOC Policy for Student Organizations.

Membership in organizations and participation in activities are open to all Earlham College students. Organizations receive recognition through application to SOC. Recognition makes an organization eligible to apply for funding from SOC.

  1. Students are free to belong to and form any organization to promote and develop their common interest.
  2. To use the College’s name, facilities or financial resources an organization must be recognized by SOC. To be considered for recognition, a group must submit a Petition of Recognition form.
  3. All groups recognized shall be considered official organizations of Earlham College and shall enjoy all privileges pertaining thereto.
  4. The aims of an organization must not run counter to the educational aims or the Quaker traditions of Earlham College, nor can an organization be recognized or funded if its adopted aims are to violate, or actions do in fact violate the community code or local, state or federal laws.
  5. Recognition and funding of an organization reflects Earlham's commitment to act as a free forum for the expression of ideas, but do not imply the institution's agreement with or the support of the proposed programs of any organization.
  6. Upon recognition the student group is eligible to receive funds. Each group may receive $250.00 at the start of the semester. If they have funds left from the previous semester they may request to keep these funds and waive the $250.00 allocation. Each group is eligible for additional funds by completing the Special Allocations form. SOC will review the request and either approve or deny the funds. All requests must have a clear description of the event, date, time and location. An itemized budget must be submitted with this form.
  7. The purpose of an official Earlham organization which uses Student Activities funds should be to build community and provide support. Generally no activities will be funded that are not open to the entire community; however, SOC will entertain proposals which seek exception to this rule.
  8. SOC requires that every recognized organization have a faculty adviser.
  9. Financial reports from organizations funded by SOC are required twice a term. The budget for the coming term should be presented for the allocations meeting, and the report on how finances went for the term should be presented at the end of the current term.
  10. SOC reserves the right to withdraw recognition from any organization after due process.


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