Earlham Expectations

Earlham strives to create an intentional community that is congruent with its long term goals as an educational institution. This section contains some of the grounding documents that guide and shape the development of Earlham's community and principles.

The College trusts students at Earlham to be honest seekers of truth and knowledge. This trust is extended to all students by other students and teachers, and is evidenced in a variety of forms. Exams are rarely proctored. Unlike many colleges and universities, Earlham does not ask students to sign an oath affirming that they did not cheat on an assignment, since this would imply that people are either inherently dishonest, or that they will be honest only when they explicitly swear to it.

Students must be mindful that, although Earlham encourages cooperative and collaborative modes of learning, one’s work must still be one’s own, unless explicitly assigned to a group. Giving or receiving aid inappropriately on assignments and tests, or plagiarizing by using another person’s words or ideas as one’s own, without credit, constitutes a serious breach of our trust in one another.

Those who believe they have witnessed violations of academic integrity should feel the obligation to speak about this to the student(s). The witness should also feel obligated to report the student(s) to the instructor if the person refuses to report him or herself.

Students should carefully read the syllabus they receive for each course to fully understand each professor’s expectations about the appropriate use of materials and about working on assignments with other students.

Violations of academic integrity are taken very seriously because they undermine our trust in one another and the credibility of the academic enterprise. Penalties for violations range from failing assignments or tests to suspension or expulsion from the College. Students who are suspended as a result of an academic violation may not transfer academic credits to Earlham during the suspension.

At matriculation, every student is assigned an academic adviser who will help the student plan his or her course of study while at Earlham. It should be noted that while academic advisers assist students in this way, the responsibility for meeting all graduation requirements rests finally with the student. Once a student is ready to declare a major, he or she should arrange to have an academic adviser within that field or department. Forms for changing academic advisers are available from the Registrar's Office. Students and advisers receive an Academic Audit at the beginning of each academic year, outlining outstanding General Education and credit requirements for degree completion.

Living in Community

  1. Learning to live with integrity and to respect others
  2. Developing and bearing responsibility while being accountable and living up to one’s ideals
  3. Thinking through what is fair and just for oneself and others
  4. Resolving or managing conflict while working through problems with others
  5. Learning to be responsible stewards of resources
  6. Participating in governance

Faith, Service and Vocation

  1. Nurturing faith and spiritual life
  2. Engaging and learning from service activities
  3. Exploring vocation

Initiative and Leadership

  1. Learning to plan while making thoughtful and intentional choices
  2. Developing habits to initiate and complete projects successfully
  3. Developing leadership skills

Wellness and Athletics

  1. Learning and putting into practice healthy wellness habits: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  2. Providing opportunities for learning from competitive and non-competitive athletic activity

Diversity and Difference

  1. Valuing diversity
  2. Learning to live with difference
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Earlham College, an independent, residential college, aspires to provide the highest-quality undergraduate education in the liberal arts, including the sciences, shaped by the distinctive perspectives of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

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