Pregnancy Policy

Approved by the Committee on Campus Life, April 2005

The following policy concerns students who experience a pregnancy while living in campus housing. All students should be aware that confidential counseling is available through Counseling Services on-campus (as well as privately off-campus) to provide help in making decisions about a pregnancy.

If a student is considering carrying a pregnancy to full term, the student should contact Health Services and Residence Life as soon as possible. Earlham College’s goal is to help the pregnant student have a healthy, comfortable and supportive living environment throughout the pregnancy. The Health Services staff will refer the student (and the father if necessary) to the appropriate on-/off-campus support to assure that the mother has a comprehensive prenatal care plan in place and the department has the most up-to-date contact and physician information in case of an emergency.

Pregnant students may continue taking classes and engage in all other community activities. If a student prefers to take a medical leave of absence with the intention of returning to campus after delivery of the baby, such leaves may be requested from Student Development.

If a student would prefer to remain enrolled in classes for the duration of the pregnancy and live in off-campus housing, the student is allowed an automatic exemption from on-campus housing. If a pregnant student chooses to remain in on-campus housing throughout the pregnancy and decides to keep the infant after the birth, it is important that the student make necessary arrangements for housing for the infant prior to delivery. Infants are not allowed to live in campus housing.

At times it may not be possible during a student’s pregnancy for campus housing to adequately meet the needs of the pregnant student and/or the associated needs of the other members of the residential community. If this should occur, Student Development may determine that the pregnant student needs to move to an appropriate off-campus residence, in which case Student Development will help the student make the transition. (It should be noted, however, that Student Development’s resources to help a student locate off-campus housing are significantly limited and may be minimal at certain times of the year.)

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