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Peace and Global Studies

Peace and Global Studies

Developing active peacemakers

Students who decide to major in Peace and Global Studies (PAGS) explore strategies for constructing a just and peaceful world. The goal of the program is to develop students’ competencies in fields contributing toward social transformation and peace. In a time of seemingly unending war, massive and deepening economic inequality, and disproportionate levels of violence experienced along the lines of race, class, gender, and sexuality, PAGS prepares students to confront these pressing matters.

Peace and Global Studies majors focus on a variety of issues, such as violence in all its forms (including war, poverty, racism, sexism and colonialism), nonviolent initiatives for social change and peace building, and conflict resolution and conflict transformation. The program also offers a variety of internships and study abroad programs where students can apply what they have learned to particular sites under the guidance of experienced organizers and activists.

With the understanding that there can be no peace without justice, the PAGS program also demands that students address systems of oppression that undergird violent conflict. The program challenges students to take seriously theory as well as practice and encourages students to seek change through critical thought in the classroom, activism on campus and in the community, and social change work in the world beyond.

To this end, the program provides internships and study abroad programs where students can apply what they have learned to particular sites under the guidance of experienced organizers and activists.

PAGS graduates work around the globe. They are affiliated with non-governmental organizations, human rights groups, political campaigns, environmental organizations, alternative media, religious organizations and international agencies. In the United States, they are employed as mediators, rights advocates, journalists, lobbyists, community organizers, doctors, lawyers, ministers, teachers and university professors. 

Earlhamites in PAGS

Tyrian Robertson
Student plans disaster relief nonprofit

Tyrian Robertson ’17 sees how the broader world is at work in her life and is inspired to use her skills and abilities to benefit others. After graduation, Robertson hopes to start a nonprofit that helps areas recover from natural disasters.

Basil Farraj
Protecting Children's Rights

Basil AbdulRazeq Farraj ’14 has a vision to work with Palestinian youth. He draws inspiration from his experiences on campus as a Peace and Global Studies major, a semester abroad and summer in Northern Ireland, and two internships in his home country of Palestine.

Responding to Military Occupation
Responding to Military Occupation

Informed by the commitment to critical questioning and social justice fostered at Earlham, Lilly Lerner ’13 is headed to Palestine, where she will live and work in a refugee camp in the West Bank.

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