AWPE 220 Outdoor Trip Leadership

"I have three rules for leaders in the outdoors: You have to know where the people you're leading are coming from, you have to know what you want to do with them, and you have to love them." Paul Petzoldt (founder of NOLS and the WEA)

Course Description

Outdoor Trip Leadership is a .5-credit course for those students interested in a wide-range of fields including adventure education, environmental education, outdoor education, and experiential education. This class also serves as one of the core “applied” courses in the Outdoor Education minor.

Because the field places a great deal of emphasis on “learning by doing” we will be “doing” a lot in this course. As such, a major portion of the course will be the planning, preparation, and initiation of a field experience conducted over Spring Break. We will use this experience as a way to highlight some of the key aspects of outdoor education program design and implementation including course and lesson plan structure, location and activity selection, skill progressions and sequencing, risk management concerns, facilitation principles, and logistical considerations (among other topics).

However, we will also invest significant time to critically reflect on what we are doing as a way of connecting and making meaning from the experiences as we go through them. We hope that the end result of this combination of framing, practice, and reflection will allow you to come out of this course with practical knowledge, skills, and abilities and a solid introductory sense of some of the broader contexts of the field. And, finally, we hope that some of you may continue to be excited about pursuing this wonderful vocation and choose to stay involved with the Outdoor Education program here at Earlham and spend more time in the outdoors more generally!

OTL Spring Break 2014 (March 15-23)
Destination: Okefenokee Swamp, GA/Suwanee River, RL
Activity: Canoeing




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