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Distinctively Earlham
By integrating excellent academics with extraordinary opportunities for practical experience, Earlham gives students tools to shape their own education and focus to make a positive difference in the world.

Transformative Education

Earlham students are given opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research and provided thoughtful career advising to help them answer for themselves the question of how they want to live. Our students also complete “immersion experiences” — like paid internships or off-campus study — that draws on their passions and lets them practice acquired skills to solve problems and create positive change.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the job skills most sought by employers just happen to be many of the same skills students develop during their time at Earlham. These include:

» Working in a team structure

» Making decisions and solving problems

» Planning, organizing, and prioritizing work

» Verbally communicating with persons inside and outside the organization

» Obtaining and processing information

» Analyzing quantitative data

Earlham graduates are recognized for

Skills at collecting and interpreting information and formulating judgments

Experience and confidence when confronting diverse viewpoints

Strong written and verbal communication skills

Excellent leadership potential

Sensitivity to issues of values, justice and peace

Engagement with social responsibility and global citizenship
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