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Meaningful Careers

From summer internships to full-time employment around the globe, Earlhamites seek out ways to move the world forward throughout their careers. The EPIC Advantage ensures every Earlham student has the opportunity to pursue a career-defining internshipor research experience before graduation

88.9% of the Earlham class of 2017 reported a career outcome within six months of graduation.

79.4% of Earlham alumni reported that their first jobs after graduation were meaningful.  Read More

Competitve Candidates for Fellowships and Graduate Schools

For generations, Earlham has been one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the U.S. for percentage of graduates who go on to earn research doctorates, including the Ph.D. Through rigorous academics and personal advising, our students are strong candidates for top graduate program

22.9% of the class of 2017 were enrolled in continuing education within six months of graduation. Members of the Class of 2017 earned prestigious fellowships such as the Rhodes and the Watson.  Learn More

Earlham is ranked 36th among 1,592 institutions of higher learning in the U.S. in the percentage of graduates who go on to receive Ph.D.s., according to a report from the Higher Education Data Sharing consortium.