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As a member of the Annapolis Group, Earlham College shares its stories with Liberal Arts Success, a site promoting the value of a liberal arts education.

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Today@Earlham is on hiatus during the Winter Break. The next edition of the newsletter will be published on Monday, January 14, 2019.

The Today@Earlham newsletter features events on the Earlham campus or events sponsored by an organization at Earlham College, the Earlham School of Religion or Bethany Theological Seminary. The newsletter is published Monday through Friday when classes are in session during the Fall and Spring semesters. All submissions are reviewed and edited by the Marketing and Communications Office.

Please don’t send similar messages to any of the Earlham listservs on the same day you have an announcement in the newsletter.

Please read the instructions and editorial guidelines in the sidebar before submitting an announcement.

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First day to publish: the date you wish to have the entry first published in the email edition of Today@Earlham.

Date to publish reminder: the date when your entry will be published again in the email edition.

When approved, your submission will appear at the Today@Earlham website (immediately if the “post date” is within 30 days) and in the email edition on the weekday requested. Submissions sent before 4 p.m. (Eastern) on weekdays are eligible for the next weekday's email edition.

Editorial Guidelines

  • Entries will be published only twice to keep the newsletter fresh.
  • Repeat or similar entries will not be published.
  • The deadline for submissions is 4:00 p.m. (Eastern) on the weekday previous to publication.
  • Please keep titles brief (75 characters or less, including spaces).
  • Text is limited to approximately 150 words and is displayed as a single paragraph.
  • Entries that cut and paste from poster copy will not be accepted.
  • Entries should be written in third person and exclamation points are not used.
  • Inclusion of film screenings require the acquisition of public performance rights.
  • If you have any questions, contact Web Content Manager Dave Knight at



Please Note: Please use the Audience dropdown. Currently, everyone will receive all messages. By filling out this field, we will have a better idea if a separate newsletter for each audience is necessary.

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