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Week 31 - Ham Seok-Huen (5:53)

The story of a Korean Quaker whose life-long commitment to non-violence continues to inspire Quakers around the world. 

Week 32 - Rise Up Singing (4:35)

The story of the creation of the Quaker songbook, Rise Up Singing.

Week 33 - Saloma David (5:18)

The story of a Kenyan Quaker woman, and her work on behalf of peace in the world. 

Week 34 - FCNL (3:34)

The story of the creation of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, founded in 1943. Their work in Washington, DC on behalf of Friends concerns is ongoing, and inspiring. 

Week 35 - Francis Jenkins (3:41)

The story of a mid-western Quaker who invented an early version of the movie camera, called the Phantascope.

Week 36 - John Greenleaf Whittier (4:45)

The story of a nineteenth century Quaker writer. His poetry expressed the joys of Quaker life, and the call to social justice. 

Week 37 - Rosa Poy and Quaker Exiles (4:35)

Two stories about the care of refugees: in Spain and then Mexico, and in colonial USA. 

Week 38 - Tokyo Girls Friends School (4:59)

The story of the school in Tokyo founded in 1887 by Quaker missionaries, including their struggles and their triumphs.  

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