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Week 21 - Nigerian Civil War (5:50)

The story of Quaker involvement, behind the scenes, in the Nigerian civil war during the 1970s.

Week 22 - Casa de los Amigos (3:29)

The story of Casa de los Amigos, founded in Mexico City. Their work for peace and with refugees has continued, changed, and deepened since 1955. 

Week 23 - Rhoda Coffin (5:24)

The story of a mid-western Quaker whose ministry was primarily on behalf of the 'friendless women' found in Indiana prisons and asylums. 

Week 24 - Joseph Moore (5:07)

The story of a former president of Earlham College who, in the late 19th century, combined his love of science and his call to ministry. The natural history museum on campus honors his years of collecting, and caring about Earlham. 

Week 25 - Bigelow and the Golden Rule (5:09)

The story of the voyage of the Golden Rule in 1958. These Quaker opposed nuclear testing, and sailed to the Marshall Islands in protest. 

Week 26 - Laurie Baker (5:53)

The story of a British-born architect who lived most of his life in India. His structures reflected his Quaker beliefs, and he buildings that harmonized with the Indian geography. 

Week 27 - Friends Ambulance Unit (3:56)

The story of the Friends Ambulance Unit and their work on behalf of those suffering during the two world wars in Europe.

[also a small Quaker joke]

Week 28 - Jean Zaru (4:10)

The story of a Quaker woman in Ramallah, and her work for peace and reconciliation in the midst of difficult times in the Middle East. 

Week 29 - Quaker Working Party 

The story of the Quaker Working Party and their efforts on behalf of those in 'The Holy Land' in June of 2002.

Week 30 -  John Woolman and Jorge Hernandez (6:02)

The story of John Woolman's inward journey to an anti-slavery stance, and his outward journey among Friends, to persuade them to join him in the struggle.

Also: the story of a Mexican Quaker whose calling was to the needs of street children. 

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