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Week 11 - William Boen (4:50)

The story of WIlliam Boen, who worshiped among Friends after gaining his freedom from slavery in the early 19th century. Although delayed for many years, eventually he was welcomed into membership. 

Week 12 - Friends Committee on Consultation (5:36)

The story of the founding of the Friends Committee on Consultation, which has sought to bring together Friends from all around the world since 1937.

Week 13 - AFSC and Gestapo (4:09)

The story of Friends in 1938 that persuaded Nazi leaders to allow them to offer relief for suffering Jews in Germany. 

Week 14 - Elizabeth Hooten (4:05)

The story of the Elizabeth Hooten's remarkable ministry in the early days of the Quaker movement. 

Week 15 - Lucretia Mott (4:41)

The story of Lucretia Coffin Mott, who was an anti-slavery activist and organizer for women's rights. 

Week 16 - Pearl Spoon (6:06)

The story of Pearl Spoon, of Kansas. She was a teacher of children: in the mountains of Tennessee, Kaimosi, Kenya, and Wayne County, Indiana. 

Week 17 - DeElla Newlin (4:09)

The story of little-known Quaker woman, Della Leonard Newlin. She served as a pastor in Indiana and Ohio, and as a teacher in Nairobi, Kenya.

Week 18 - Margaret Fell (4:38)

The story of Margaret Fell, whose letters to early Friends offered support and encouragement. Her life of service and administrative skill has been an inspiration for all Quakers since those days. 

Week 19 - Tom Kelly (5:56)

The story of Tom Kelly's life and his remarkable contributions to Quaker spirituatlity. 

Week 20 - Abby Kelly (5:56)

The story of an amazing Quaker woman who was active in the anti-slavery movement among Friends. 

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