Quaker Fellows

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Come ready to grow. Come ready to learn. Become an agent of change.

Now Accepting Applications through Feburary 15

“It is a program that gives me space to grow while keeping me grounded and aware of my core being. Quaker fellows has helped me keep in mind what really matters in times when that is harder and has celebrated with me in times of joy.”

— Liadh Reilly '17, Ireland Yearly Meeting

Quaker Fellows echoes Earlham's core values. Utilizing Quaker faith and practice, the program engages the whole person and prepares students to be agents of change in the world. Quaker Fellows focuses on three formation cores: community, leadership, and spirituality. The program is designed for young adults who are serious about serving as leaders in their communities, developing tools for social transformation, and living a life grounded in the Spirit.

Quaker Fellows requires a time commitment of 70 hours per semester, 50 of which are programmed. The 20 hours remaining are chosen and completed individually. Combined this averages 5 hours per week each semester.

Program Offerings

50 hours of various programming are provided, including:

  • One-on-one meetings at least once a semester
  • Spiritual Friendship/Spiritual Nurture meetings
  • Weekly meetings with each cohort (this includes worship, spiritual reflection and engaging in spiritual practices, learning about Quakerism, and discussing the integration of theology and practice, among other things)
  • 1 retreat each semester

The program supports students’ growth in community, leadership and spirituality in a variety of ways, including:

  • Building and strengthening healthy individual and community skills and practices
  • Providing opportunities to fulfill clerking/convening roles in a variety of settings
  • Learning about Quakerism, sharing perspectives, and exploring spiritual practices

Student Responsibilities

  • Student chooses and completes 20 hours of Quaker-related activities from a “menu of options” (examples include attending Meeting for Worship, living in Quaker House, service projects, or taking a Quakerism course)
  • Written reflections
  • Participate in regularly scheduled Quaker Fellows activities which are designed to equip students to assume increasing levels of leadership


  • Familiarity with Quakerism
  • Understanding of and commitment to Quaker faith and practice
  • Positive attitude, flexibility, and commitment to group process
  • Welcoming of cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue
  • A desire and openness to talking about and exploring spiritual growth
  • Respect for differing viewpoints and backgrounds
  • Ability to work intensely with a small group of peers

This program has a scholarship component of $2,000 per academic year. Accepted participants will also receive Earlham's annual $3,000 Quaker Wilkinson Award. Applicants for the Quaker Fellow scholarship program must be new applicants to Earlham College and is available to qualified Quaker students for the duration of their time at Earlham (with required re-enrollment each semester based on academic standing).

Some students might be attracted to the program because of the monetary value of the awards. The application committee would like you to consider the following query while applying: Am I careful that scholarship money does not keep me in a program to which I would otherwise not be committed? You do not need to reply to us in writing in response to this query.


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