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Pre-Qualification Application Form

Authorization and Affirmation

By submitting this form:

  • I hereby authorize the McNair Scholars Program staff to obtain academic, financial aid and other information pertinent to my participation in the McNair Scholar Program at Earlham College.
  • I understand that a copy of my application materials will be kept on file at the McNair Scholars Program Office and that the resulting information received from counselors, admission and financial aid officers, instructors, etc. will be keep confidential in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • I affirm to the best of my knowledge that the information I have given in this application is true. 
    First and Last Name, please

    mm-dd-yyyy (i.e., 03-05-1995)

    You may enter "undecided."

    Parent Education

    Income Qualification


Federal TRIO Low-Income Levels (2018)

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