Parks & Trails

ThistlewaiteTo outsiders and newcomers, one of the surprising revelations about a visit to the Wayne County area is its natural beauty. Opportunities to observe, explore and appreciate the outdoors are all around — from old-growth forests to rolling hills carved from rivers that are still flowing.

Before you embark to discover the beauty of Wayne County's scenery, contact the Earlham Wilderness Program — a wonderful resource for advice, information and equipment rental.

Learn more about Richmond and Wayne County's natural history by reading the article, "Sustaining Beauty: The Natural History of Wayne County (pdf)."

Brookville Reservoir
1418 SR 101
(765) 647-2657

Clear Creek Park
1201 West Main Street

Cope Environmental Center
4910 Shoemaker Road (Centerville)
(765) 855-3188

Glen Miller Park
2200 National Road East
(765) 983-7275

Hayes Arboretum
801 Elks Road
(765) 962-3745

Hornbeam Nature Preserve
1418 SR 101
(317) 458-5565

Hueston Woods State Park
6301 Park Office Road (College Corner, OH)
(513) 523-6347

Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary
3497 South Bird Sanctuary Road (Connersville)
(765) 827-0908

Middlefork Reservoir
1750 Sylvan Nook Drive

Springwood Lake Park
64 Waterfall Road

Thistlewaite Falls
Waterfall Road south of Springwood Lake Park

Whitewater Memorial State Park
1418 SR 101 South (Liberty)
(765) 458-5565

Zeigler Woods
5993 North Messick Road (New Castle)

Hiking Trails

Cardinal Greenway
North 3rd Street to Industries Road

Whitewater Gorge Trail
Test Road to Industries Road

Running and Bike Trails

Two to Four Milers:

Westside: "Old Town Three (miler)" — Head out of Earlham on G. Street, go across the G. Street bridge, and take a left at the first intersection. Keep taking lefts whenever provided with that option until you get to National Road (US 40). This will keep you along the side of the gorge and take you through the historic main street area (S. 4th Street). Either take National Road or run through the neighborhoods back to College Avenue.

From Earlham College, run about a half-mile to Abington Pike and turn right. There are a variety of out-and-back runs to do on this road — just pick a distance that you like.

Eastside: "Glen Miller Three (miler)" — Starting at the playground in Glen Miller Park, head east to Elks Road, and then go back west toward 22nd Street. Finish by heading east again to the playground on the sidewalk of E. Main Street.

For some nice out-and-back runs from the eastside motels, turn south on the west side of the railroad overpass onto Industrial Parkway. Another route starts on Woodside Drive just west of Red Lobster. This road connects to Glen Miller Park via Elks Country Club Road (~ one mile).

Five to Seven Milers:

Westside: From Earlham College, run about a half-mile to Abington Pike and turn right. There are a variety of out-and-back runs to do on this road — just pick a distance that you like.

A somewhat hilly and scenic Five Miler starts the same as the previous run, but takes Test Road at the second Abington/Test intersection (about two miles into the run). Take another right at Toschlog (about two-and-a-half miles) and right again on National Road (four miles) toward Earlham.

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