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Upcoming Events

JMM Collections Breakout

Dennis Hall is still on fire, and everyone is busy with the Giant Beaver! Downstairs, our collections workers could use a hand saving our catalogs and making we don't lose decade of important information. They are protected behind locks and puzzles that need to be completed before the building burns to the ground. Will you save them!?

Escape room games are team-based, live action games where players are given a limited amount of time to work together to escape from the room, by finding clues and solving puzzles. The goal is to bring a diverse group of people to directly engage with each other, and encourage teamwork and communication, critical thinking, attention to detail and lateral thinking. The most successful teams have players with a wide range of experiences, skills and background knowledge.

This collections breakout is designed for 4-6 people, ages 17+, and will take up to an hour. Sign up is first-come, first-served basis for Sunday April 30th at 8pm. Register here!


EcoFarmers I: Get Grounded! Camp

June 5th-8th

Click here for more information.

Forest Explorers / Forest Survival Camp

June 19th-23rd 

Click here for more information.

EcoFarmers II: Tending the Garden

July 5th-7th

Click here for more information.

Space Camp: Rockets Rock

July 10th – 14th 

Click here for more information.

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