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Past Student Staff

Chris Angell '15, Exhibit Development/Marketing and Communications, Major: Biology

Ezair Beausoleil '15, Artist, Major: Undecided

Heather Brock '15, Collections, Major: Biology

Tara Burns '15, Collections, Major: Biology

Laura Corichi ’14, Animal Care, Major: Biology

Zoe Curry ’16, Animal Care, Major: Biology

Barbara Dale ’15, Outreach/Exhibit Development, Major: Biology

Asa Duffee ’14, Exhibit Development/Marketing and Communications, Major: Biology

John Edouassaint '13, Artist, Major: Art

Leah Everitt, ’15, Outreach, Major: Neuroscience

Chelsea Ferguson ’14, Outreach, Major: Biology

Dave Friedmen ’14, Outreach, Major: Environmental Studies 

Brittany Greene '12, Animal Caretaker, Major: Biochemistry

Kate Hardy '13, Animal Caretaker/DNA Lab Staff, Major: Neuroscience, Minor: Museum Studies

     Currently at: Brandywine Zoo, first as Zoo Education Apprentice and then as Animal Keeper Intern, working on zoology research and care of a variety of animals

Bailey Heinzen '15, Outreach, Major: Biochemistry

Meghan Hennessey '14, Web Communications/Grants, Major: Biology

Andrew Hood '15, Animal Care, Major: Biology

Eliza Hudson '12, Butterfly Garden Project Assistant, Major: Biology

     Currently at: Greensboro Montessori School, Garden Teacher

Andrea Jurkovic '15, Assistant Curator/Animal Caretaker, Major: Biochemistry

Hanna Klondaris ’14, Collections, Major: Biology

Daniel Kupchik '13, Animal Caretaker, Major: Biology

Casey McCabe '13, Assistant Curator/Museum Host, Major: Biology

Emily McGrew '15, Exhibit Development/Marketing and Communications, Major: Biology

Martin Moon '13, DNA Lab Staff/Museum Host, Major: Metalworking, Art History, Premed

Cole Moore '15, Outreach/Animal Care, Major: Politics

Caitlin O'Brien '12, Mistress of Miscellany, Major: History, Minor: Museum Studies

Finn Olcott '12, Curator, Major: Biology

Kellen Paine '12, Insect Curator, Major: Biology

Nick Pondelis '13, Museum Host/Animal Caretaker, Major: Biology

    Currently at: Shepens Eye Institute, mouse reseacher (Formerly in Trinidad doing guppy research with David Resnick)

Katy Rockefeller '14, Assistant Curator/Outreach, Major: Art History, Minor: Geology

Kate Roosa ’14, Marketing and Communications, Major: Neuroscience 

Terri (Belisle) Rosov '09

   Currently at: Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation, part of Light Works at Arizona State University, as a research technician working with algae and biodiesel production

Bill Rubin '12, Artist, Major: History, Politics

Emilia Schonthal '15, Scientific Illustrator, Major: Art

Anna Schonwald ’16, Outreach, Major: Physics 

Julie Tamanini '13, Assistant Curator/Mistress of Miscellany, Major: Biology

Rachael Van Schoick '08

   Currently at: California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, as a science educator for after school programs

Sarah Waddle '12, Web Designer, Major: Environmental Studies

   Currently at: Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, Naturalist

Nora Weston '12, Artist, Major: Art, Minor: Religion 

     Currently at: UNC-Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science, for a Master's in Library Science

Hannah White '09, Major: History

    Currently at: National Trust for Historic Preservation in Chicago, Manager of Programs and Services

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