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International Studies

International Studies

Richly diverse perspectives

Earlham students pursue International Studies because what it means to be “international” is complex and raises profound challenges for policy and practice.

Through courses in Languages, Politics, Economics and History coupled with off-campus study, majors learn to view the world from multiple perspectives and to contextualize and problematize analysis through cross-disciplinary conversations.

Students learn to appreciate how others see and interpret their own location(s) in the world and in relation to contemporary global issues. Majors learn that different states of mind may be reflected in the use of different languages.

Special Learning Opportunities

Students majoring in International Studies participate in all of the off-campus study programs that Earlham offers as well as programs sponsored by other institutions.

International Studies majors have been frequent recipients of Davis Peace Prize Awards, grants of $10,000 each to fund summer projects related to peacemaking.

Many International Studies students participate in the Earlham College Model United Nations program, including organizing a large conference for high school students from across the region.


Recent International Studies graduates have obtained prestigious Watson and Fulbright scholarships as well as Rotary Peace Fellowships to work and study abroad.

Some have served as officers and program assistants in the Asia Foundation, Japan Society and U.N.-specialized agencies. Still others have worked in the Peace Corps and as human rights monitors.

Majors also have pursued graduate studies in fields as diverse as law, city planning, public administration and public health at globally top-ranked programs such as Oxford, the Vienna Diplomatic Academy, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Globally Focused Earlhamites

Charlotte-Anne Malischewski
The Fiddler

Charlotte-Anne Malischewski '11 had a busy three years at Earlham — a time full of engagement on campus and beyond. She was involved in various campus organizations, musical groups, and a study abroad program.

Syed "Onik" Kamal
Lifelong Learner

Syed “Onik” Kamal ’11 says he knew at a very young age that helping people would be foremost in whatever career he might choose. Studying at Earlham has only reinforced that idea.

Distinctively Earlham
More than half of our majors are international students, a reality that enriches classroom conversations about issues of global import.


Earlham attracts students from nearly 80 countries, and has many faculty who have lived and worked outside the U.S.
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