Media Arts Lab, Instructional Technology and Media | Earlham College

Media Arts Lab

Located in the lower level of Lilly Library, the lab has 10 iMac computers. Students, faculty and staff can use these machines to edit audio and video projects, create photo projects, scan photos or slides, as well as compose music.

There are also 4 viewing stations, three of which are equipped with DVD players, including some for viewing international DVDs, and VCRs, including VCRs that will play international VHS tapes. We have one audio station for playing cassettes and LPs (vinyl audio recordings).

Application Software

Note: Not all software is available on every machine. Check at the desk for application availability.

Video Software

  • iMovie HD
  • Final Cut Pro/Express
  • iDVD
  • DVD Studio Pro

Image Editing Software

  • Photoshop CS
  • Photoshop Elements
  • iPhoto

Audio Editing Software

  • Finale
  • Sibelius
  • Reason
  • Max/MSP
  • Audacity
  • GarageBand

Applications to Play Media

  • DVD Player
  • iTunes
  • QuickTime

Other Software

  • PowerPoint
  • Keynote
  • VectorWorks
  • Comic Life
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