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Guide for Second Year Students

A Guide for Second Year Students

Dichotomy -bruvelYour Second Year at Earlham builds on the successful completion of year one and sets the academic and career direction(s) of your junior year, senior year, and beyond. Some of you may be transfer students with second year standing; you too may find this guide helpful as you work with your primary academic adviser and others towards the successful completion of your undergraduate work.

This guide serves as a general resource for your continuing educational pursuit of deeper critical, analytical and creative thinking in the service of your academic and career success. It is also hoped that this guide will support a liberal arts education that fosters your contributions to the social good of community, society, and world.

To these ends, this guide offers some basic information in two parts:

  1. An important second-year task and other considerations
  2. A short list of contact people and offices you may find helpful as you pursue your academic and career goals at Earlham.

Image: "Dichotomy" by Gil Bruvel (2009) was inspired by the complexities of living fully in all worlds at once. Dichotomy meditates on and celebrates the dual nature of existence. Composed of “ribbons of energy” that seek to capture the process of engaging all levels of being in order to be fully human, the sculpture reflects the natural strength and quiet majesty inherent in integrating the various levels of existence. As a result, the figure inhabits a serene meditative space, fully embracing a dichotomy of existences: anima and animus, male and female, conscious mind and unconscious mind, waking and dreaming.

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