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Next Steps

Financial aid packages are given to students submitting the FAFSA, are enrolled full-time (at least 12 credit hours per semester), and making satisfactory academic progress. After applying for financial aid, here are the steps to follow next:

1. Review Award Notification

Students are notified of aid awards on a rolling basis after they have submitted their aid application.

  • Students first entering Earlham College for the Fall Semester usually receive a notification beginning in early February preceding the Fall Semester.
  • For continuing students, notifications typically begin in April preceding the Fall Semester. Aid notifications for students not enrolled during the Fall Semester but enrolling during Spring Semester are notified of their aid in December or early January.

While it is not Earlham's policy to re-negotiate need-based aid awards, if you feel we have missed some important aspect of your financial situation, please contact us. If you have questions about merit-based aid, contact the Office of Admissions.

If you wish to decline or reduce your student loans, or to update other financial information (like receiving outside scholarships not appearing on your award notification), please return the Financial Aid Update Form. We assume you accept all forms of gift aid offered unless we are notified otherwise in writing.

2. Accept Your Aid Award

We assume students accept all forms of gift aid (grants and scholarships) offered in their award notification each year unless we are notified otherwise in writing. However, students are required to accept or decline loans offered. To do this, students must:

  1. Login to theHeart (portal)
  2. View the financial aid award
  3. Accept/reduce/decline loans offered

3. Complete Outstanding Requirements

Students who have been offered loans must:

  1. Accept them on theHeart (portal)
  2. First-time borrowers of these must:

Disbursement of Aid

All aid is disbursed directly to students' accounts 10 days after classes begin. Students receiving financial aid must be registered full-time unless approved for part-time status by the Registrar.

Students offered any Federal Title IV Student Loan including a Federal Perkins Loan or Federal Direct Loan must comply with all federal requirements including properly completing promissory notes and entrance counseling before the loans can be disbursed.

Aid will not be disbursed to students whose aid application is selected for verification by the Federal Department of Education until all required or requested information has been submitted to the Earlham College Financial Aid Office.

Any awards or funds not administered by the College will not be credited to students' account until Earlham's Accounting Office receives the check or another form of payment.

Funds listed within Estimated Award Notifications and grants listed as "anticipated" or "estimated" on an Award Notification will not be credited to the student's account until the requested information is provided by the student or Earlham College can confirm students' eligibility for the funds. Anticipated awards may result in a service charge if documentation is not received before the beginning of each semester.

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