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Helpful Information

  • Complete the FAFSA online at FAFSA on the web is not available until after January 1 each year.

  • For students hoping to enter Earlham College for the first time for Fall Semester, the FAFSA must be submitted by March 1.

  • For Indiana State Grants (Indiana residents), the FAFSA must be submitted to the federal processor by March 10.

  • Carefully read the FAFSA instructions. This will help you avoid errors.

  • Try to have your Federal Income Tax Return(s) completed prior to starting the FAFSA. If you cannot complete your tax return(s) prior to submitting the FAFSA, use estimated income and tax figures. You can correct estimated figures at a later time.

  • Students whose parents are divorced or separated should carefully read the FAFSA instructions concerning who should complete the FAFSA. Generally, the parent with whom the student lived the most during the preceding 12 months should complete the FAFSA. If that parent has re-married, their spouse's information must also be reported on the FAFSA.

  • Keep extra copies of your tax return(s), W-2(s), 1099(s) and other tax documents. We may request them to verify and correct the data you reported on the FAFSA.
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