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Applying for Aid

How to Apply

Earlham awards more than $20 million in aid each year. Aid packages may include grants and scholarships, campus employment and/or loans. In order for us to determine your eligibility for these funds, you must follow these steps to apply for financial aid.

Apply for Financial Aid

Aid applicants submit their FAFSA electronically at Earlham's FAFSA code is 001793 and must be included for the College to receive your information.

  • New students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1
  • Returning students from Indiana must also submit the FAFSA by March 1
  • Returning students who are not from Indiana must submit the FAFSA by June 1
  • Returning students intending to study off-campus during Fall Semester are encouraged to submit their FAFSA by April 1

If Earlham College receives FAFSA results for a student who is no longer enrolled, but who was previously enrolled, the Financial Aid Office will not consider those results and will not calculate a financial aid award for that student.

Aid applicants and their parent(s) are urged to obtain a U.S. Department of Education PIN at With a PIN the student and parent can “sign” the online FAFSA electronically. A student also can use his or her PIN to complete student loan entrance and exit counseling requirements, sign student loan promissory notes and track federal financial aid.

From time to time, families are selected for a process called "verification." This means that either Earlham or the federal processor needs to verify the information you have reported on your application forms. Students selected for verification may receive an estimated aid packages. These estimated packages will include a list of items we need to verify aid eligibility. This list may include tax transcripts, a Family Size Verification Worksheet or other documents. Shortly after Earlham receives your requested documents, students will receive their actual award notifications.

Renewal of Financial Aid

You must apply for need-based aid each year. Students admitted to Earlham and awarded aid will continue to be awarded the aid for which they qualify each year, as per the policy in effect when the student entered Earlham. Simply stated, assuming that your financial situation stays the same and you maintain satisfactory academic progress towards your degree, your aid eligibility should stay approximately the same all four years. Four basic areas directly affect a student's aid eligibility: number in the family, number in college, income and assets. Significant changes in any one of these areas could affect your aid from year to year.

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