Student Employment

Students who are financially eligible may receive a Federal College Work-Study (FCWS) or another work program as part of the financial aid award. These students are approved to work on campus to help offset college expenses.

How it works

The typical campus job is based on 10 hours a week, at the current campus wage, for a full academic year. Students may earn up to that dollar amount. The dollar amount is the limit — it doesn't mean a student must work 10 hours a week, or that a student couldn't work more hours; students should avoid going over the awarded amount, or other financial aid may have to be adjusted.

Although most campus jobs are reserved for FCWS students, a limited number of positions are available for those without work-study status; sometimes these students find positions as teaching assistants, tutors, certified lifeguards and food service employees. In addition, several local businesses within walking distance of Earlham often employ College students.

Federal College Work Study

Students who were awarded Federal College Work-Study must attend a Work Orientation Meeting during the first week of classes to complete the necessary tax forms and receive a listing of all campus employers. It is the students’ responsibility to find positions that fit into their academic and co-curricular schedule. The Student Employment Office in Human Resources keeps a listing of the various openings at campus offices.

International Students

International students may receive a similar allotment called “Work Awards.” Employment opportunities for international students in the U.S. are restricted by law. Students who receive a work award as part of their financial aid package may work a limited number of hours on campus. The Immigration and Naturalization Service severely restricts employment off campus. No international student can be permitted to work off campus during the first academic year and only when meeting strict criteria will s/he be permitted to do so in subsequent years.


  • Need-based funds

  • Funded through the federal government or Earlham College

  • The FAFSA must be submitted to Earlham to determine eligibility

  • U.S. students are eligible for Federal College Work Study

  • Other work study options are available to international students
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