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Joseph Ryan

Where do you live on campus? Why do you like it?

I share a suite in Mills dorm. Room size and amenities (kitchen, laundry, etc.) are the best things about Mills. Also, it is a quiet area on campus but close enough to classes.

Tell us about your classes this semester. Which are your favorites and why?

This semester I am taking Latin II, cells/genes/inheritance (CGI), post-colonial lit, social psych. Lit is my strongest area and perhaps the favorite, as I love the process of reading, discussion and analysis. Psych is the other favorite as I find human behavior fascinating.

Why do you like Earlham?

The level of discourse is excellent, small class size, overqualified and caring professors, diverse student body brings fresh perspectives that otherwise would not be represented or underrepresented at other colleges.

What are your plans for winter/summer break?

That's still to be determined. I am actively seeking a Bonner service position for the summer--or alternatively a job.

What are your plans post-Earlham?

Graduate school and possible future career using research and writing skills in non-profit or lobbying/advocacy group.

Tell us about an off-campus program or internship you did and what was special about it.

In summer 2016, I interned at the Big Ugly Community Center in Harts, WV. The position allowed me to learn grant writing skills and interpersonal skills while teaching a group of high school students attending the summer program. The people made it special, especially the kindness and insights of my host family, the Tierneys, whose two children graduated from Earlham.

Joseph Ryan

Joseph Ryan 2019

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major at Earlham: English

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