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Recycling Center

Recycling operation is part of the Grounds Department. Dumpsters are placed throughout the campus and filled by the Housekeeping Staff which are then picked up by the City on a regular trash schedule. There are also individual recycling clusters located on campus that are picked up by grounds staff and students. The recycling is then transported to one of the four cubic yard containers that will be picked up by the City of Richmond.

Earlham College recycling program is committed to minimizing the generation of solid waste and to a long-term goal of generating zero waste to landfill. We support recycling of glass, plastics #1 and #2, Aluminum cans, Steel cans, Office paper, Newspaper, Corrugated Cardboard, Lead and Acid batteries, Scrap Metal, Phone Books, Old Cell Phones and Ink Cartridges and Old Electrics and Computers. If you are in doubt about what to recycle please refer to The “Three Rs” of solid waste: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle @ Earlham College pamphlet and the Sustainability @ Earlham College pamphlet.

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