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Painting Guidelines

Request and work process

All painting requests must be submitted, with a valid budget account number, to the Facilities Department office for approval and scheduling.

No Department may use an outside contractor or use College employees or students to paint building interior or exteriors, or exterior features or areas, however small those areas may be.

The requesting department is responsible to move all furniture and wall hangings that are in the area to be painted. Facilities Department paint crews will be responsible for any repairs or preparation of walls and areas to be painted.

The requesting department is responsible for addressing all complaints of odors and/or dust generated by this painting activity. Please remember that many individuals can be sensitive to odors generated by these activities.

Facilities Department paint crews will be responsible for ordering and maintaining all paint supplies; brushes, rollers, rags, drop cloths, and arranging for any equipment necessary to complete the work.

Regulatory compliance and other requirements for painting

It is the responsibility of the Earlham College Facilities Department to ensure that all regulations and requirements are met.

The college’s paint crew has been trained in all Federal, State and local regulatory requirements, and is prepared to complete painting projects in campus facilities.

Latex paint is the only paint type authorized for use in maintenance and repairs, renovations or new construction on campus. Oil based paints require specialized training and proper hazardous waste management practices.

Unused paint must be stored in properly labeled, closed containers.

All waste paint and paint-contaminated materials (brushes, rollers, rags, drop cloths, etc.) be collected in a closed or sealed container, with a label describing the contents.

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