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Grounds Care

GroundsThe Grounds Department is responsible for maintaining the campus grounds in excellent condition at all times. This shop oversees, and handles all campus refuse collection and embrace environmental sustainability by supporting campus recycling efforts through our recycling program.

The shop is responsible for all snow removal; campus roads and parking lots and for keeping all sidewalks on campus free from snow and ice.

The Grounds crew also cleans up leaves on campus, changes out all trash bags in the trash receptacles, clean ash urns, and pick-up litter on the exterior areas of campus.

This department also cleans out all debris removed from the Earlham College Stormwater inlets in accordance with the MS4 program.


Landscape _1We have as part of the Grounds Department a Landscape Designer that designs and oversees the installation of all new and existing landscape on campus. This person designs all areas using sustainability.

  • Design and installation of landscaping, including Construction Projects for the Campus.
  • Maintains the tree inventory including planning and replacing the trees.
  • Oversees the spring and fall bulbs and Annuals.

Rob -groundsTurf Maintenance

The Grounds Crew mows and maintains lawn care for over 160.0 acres.

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