Fleet Vehicle Information

The Earlham Facilities Department is responsible for maintaining the College vehicle fleet. As of November 22, 2004, the College eliminated all 15-passenger vans from the fleet and does not allow off-campus leasing of them. The College fleet is used solely for College-related activities and may not be used for personal trips. A faculty member must accompany students on trips to destinations more than 100 miles away from campus.

Contact the Facilities Department at (765) 983-1315.

Fleet Vehicles

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability the Facilities Department has established the following guidelines for the Earlham fleet of vehicles:

  • Any reservation for three or less persons will be provided with one of the two cars, which are both hybrids, in the fleet, unless the faculty member making the reservation provides information that equipment is to be moved requiring a larger vehicle.
  • Any reservation for more than three people for travel over 100 miles will be given preference to the Highlander hybrid which seats seven people.
  • Any reservation for more than seven people will be assigned a full size, 12 passenger van.
  • Every effort will be made by the fleet manager to coordinate vehicles to best match the size of the group being transported using the philosophy that smaller vehicles are the preference for all travel.

EarlhamĀ Department of Public Safety Patrol Vehicles

While patrolling the Department of Public Safety officers will assess weather conditions and weather permitting they will rely on bicycle and foot patrol while patrolling main campus. They will use the patrol vehicle in adverse weather and to patrol areas of Earlham which are more than a five minute walk from theĀ Department of Public Safety office. Officers will use their discretion and never compromise rapid response for emergency.

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