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The Cooperative


As a completely student run program, the Earlham College Stables Cooperative is a unique community. The Cooperative includes members of the Earlham and Richmond communities who come from a variety of equine backgrounds, ranging from a lifetime of horse involvement to absolutely none. The cooperative maintains the facility, operates a lesson program, and cares for Earlham's school horses as well as the student owned horses living at the facility. As a group, we work to ensure that everyone feels welcome and has an opportunity to grow with respect to horsemanship in an environment that is safe for all horses and humans involved.

How to Join Co-op

If you are interested in joining co-op, select “Riding Assistant's Course I” under the AWPE offerings when you register for classes. After registering for the Assistant's course you will be placed in a weekly lesson during either the fall or spring semester. These lessons are free. Do NOT register for the “Riding Lessons — AWPE 100” course if you want to be in co-op or else your student account will be billed $145. 

Co-op meetings are every Monday at 9:00 p.m., in Stout Meetinghouse.

If you are not interested in becoming part of co-op but still want to take riding lessons, register for “Riding Lessons — AWPE 100” under the AWPE course offerings. There is a $145 fee for this that will be charged to your student account. Visit “Signing Up for Lessons” for more information.

Meeting Minutes

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