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Lesson Placement

The Lesson Coordinator will assign you to an appropriate lesson based on the experience that you share with us. The following table outlines what you can expect from your lesson according to your experience.

If you...

you will probably be in a(n)...

and can expect to...

have never ridden or have done a few guided trail rides or pony rides

beginner lesson

learn to catch, groom and tack up a horse safely; mount and dismount; move, stop, and steer while mounted; begin the posting trot.

can catch, groom, and tack up a horse safely with some assistance; know how to mount and dismount; know how to stop, go, and steer reliably at the walk

advanced beginner lesson

develop proficiency in horse care; develop balance in the posting trot; improve accuracy in changing speed and direction.

are confident in preparing a horse to be ridden and well-balanced at the posting trot

intermediate lesson

perfect the two-point trot; begin and develop cantering.

are confident and well-balanced at all gaits

advanced lesson

develop finesse in all gaits; begin to learn or continue to develop safe jumping techniques.

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