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Joining Team


The ECET (Earlham College Equestrian Team) holds tryouts each fall for the sole purpose of introducing the coach and captains to the strengths and weaknesses of each rider such that they can be placed into the divisions where they will be most successful. There are no cuts from the team. All riders who tryout for the team will practice and compete.


Being a member of the Team requires a significant commitment. Riders are expected to:

  • contribute $75 to $85 each semester in team dues. These funds are used towards entry fees and registration fees.
  • attend a weekly meeting during lunchtime on Wednesdays.
  • pay a $15 coaching fee for each show they attend.
  • attend practice for one hour each Saturday afternoon.
  • arrive on time and participate fully in all team activities.
  • attend at least four¬†shows in each semester.
  • support their teammates in practice and at shows.


Each rider will need to be able to wear:

  • tall boots
  • a hunt coat
  • a clean show shirt
  • a velvet or velvet covered helmet
  • black gloves
  • a hair net

Expenses for these items are the responsibility of each rider, but some of these items may be borrowed from other teammates. 

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