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Financial Aid Eligibility

Time Frame for Receiving Aid

Earlham-funded aid is limited to a student’s first eight semesters of attendance including time spent at another college or university. A student can complete their degree requirements in four years by earning 30-32 credits annually or averaging 15 credits each semester.

The maximum time frame during which a student may receive Federal Title IV Student Aid at Earlham College is the least of the following:

  • The completion of all graduation requirements: including a major, General Education Requirements, and 122 semester hours (120 academic).
  • The completion of 10 semesters of full-time academic work, including time spent at other colleges and universities.
  • The competition of 150 semester hours, including those completed at other colleges or universities.

Transfer Students

Transfer students will be notified of the number of semesters of Earlham-funded aid available following a review of their transcript(s) from other colleges as conducted by the Registrar’s Office. Transfer credits are counted when determining the number of credits a student has attempted.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To receive Federal Title IV Student Aid, a student must be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward their degree. SAP for each aid recipient is measured at the end of each academic year.


To meet the Earlham College SAP requirements for both Federal Title IV Student Aid and Earlham-funded aid, a student must achieve:

  • A minimum number of cumulative credit hours or a minimum percentage of classes with a passing guide; and
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average.

Note: To determine the percent of classes a student completes with a passing grade, the number of classes a student completes with a passing grade at the end of a semester is divided by the number of credits for which a student was registered at the close of registration for the semester.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Chart
Credit Hours
Percentage of
Classes with
Passing Grade
End of 1st Semester 3 20% 1.35
End of 2nd Semester 18 59% 1.45
End of 3rd Semester 31 67% 1.55
End of 4th Semester 45 74% 1.65
End of 5th Semester 60 78% 1.75
End of 6th Semester 75 82% 2.0
End of 7th Semester 90 84% 2.0
End of 8th Semester 105 86% 2.0
End of 9th Semester 118 86% 2.0

Academic Suspension

If the Academic Advisory Committee places a student on academic suspension, that student is not making SAP for financial aid.

Appeal Process

A student not making SAP may petition to receive Federal Title IV Student Aid and Earlham-funded aid on a probationary basis for one semester. The petition must:

  • be in writing, and
  • state clearly why the student is not currently making SAP.

The petition must outline how the student plans to either:

  • make SAP or
  • complete an academic plan required by the Academic Advisory Committee during the one semester the student receives aid on a probationary basis.

Failure to either make SAP or complete the Academic Advisory Committee plan will disqualify the student from receiving further student financial aid at Earlham College.

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