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Academic Standards for Scholarship Recipients

Students who are awarded merit scholarships must maintain minimum cumulative GPAs in order to renew the scholarship. After four semesters, your cumulative GPA must meet these standards. Please see the list below for the minimum GPA requirements.

Cumulative GPA
Cumulative GPA
Founders Scholarship 3.50 Cunningham Scholarship
($15,000 and greater)
Presidential Scholarship 3.25 Cunningham Scholarship
(less than $14,000)
Trustee Scholarship 3.25 Achievement Scholarship 2.00
Faculty Scholarship 3.00 Success Scholarship 2.00
Dean Scholarship 3.00    

Students who do not meet these minimum expectations may be able to receive a reduced merit award, as long as students have at least a 2.0 GPA. The Financial Aid Office will notify students on any changes to their merit awards.

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