FAQs on Language and Placement

Q. Do I need to complete Language Placement Questions at Moodle?

A. Yes. Unless you are an international student with special clearance, you need to go through the process.

Q. I don't plan to continue with the language I've studied but want to start a new language. Do I need to complete Language Placement Questions at Moodle?

A. Yes. As you plan your schedule, you may change your mind. This happens more often than you might guess due to the interests you develop as you explore the curriculum. Just as significantly, the process acquaints you with people, courses, and activities related to the language you have studied, and you may find this helpful in the future. Ultimately, you have nothing to lose by going through placement but may set yourself up for frustration if you don't.

Q. I didn't do well or didn't learn much in my language class/es in the past. I think I need to start over. Do I need to complete Language Placement Questions at Moodle?

A. Yes. In addition, you will speak with an instructor at New Student Orientation to determine your strengths and weaknesses in relation to Earlham's language curriculum. Even if you start over, you may gain insight into what to expect from the course into which you place.

Q. I speak another language somewhat/well/fluently but have never studied it. Do I need to complete Language Placement Questions at Moodle?

A. Yes. If you speak a language other than English at home, used a language other than English at school, or attended a bilingual school, you may readily place out of the requirement. But you still need to participate in the placement process. Speaking skills don't guarantee that you can communicate in writing, for example. Just as important, it will be useful for you to know where to go if you choose to study that language, and professors like to get to know speakers of the language they teach so as to invite them to activities related to that language.

Q. I come to Earlham with college or university credits in a language. Do I need to complete Language Placement Questions at Moodle?

A. Yes. In all likelihood, your college credits in language will transfer and will help you meet the language requirement. However, to make sure that you meet Earlham's expectations, you still need to speak with a language instructor about your language placement within Earlham's curriculum.

Q. I have a learning disability that affects my ability to succeed in language courses. What should I do?

A. If your disability is documented, contact the Disabilities Officer, Donna Keesling, at the Academic Enrichment Center. You may be able to request appropriate accommodations or propose a substitution for the general education requirement in language. If your disability is not documented and you have studied language before, proceed with the placement process. Be sure to speak with the instructor about your particular challenges. Language is not always taught the same way, and some students succeed in language courses at Earlham even when they didn't elsewhere. Your instructor may direct you to Donna Keesling's office or may encourage you to try a course first.

Q. I have studied two or more languages that Earlham offers. What do I need to do during the placement process?

A. Go first to the placement for the language you have studied the longest or that you consider to be your strongest. After filling out information there, speak with an instructor about your need for placement in another language as well.

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