Mellon Collaborative Inquiry Grants, Center for Integrated Learning | Earlham College

Mellon Collaborative Inquiry Grants

A new grant from the Mellon Foundation encourages collaborative inquiry across the disciplines and divisions but with a particular focus on the Humanities and humanistic themes.

Timeframe: 2014-2015 and 2015-2016

Three specific areas will be funded:

1.) Digital Liberal Arts 

Money to support 2 teaching circles/year for 2 years. This opportunity involves small groups of faculty (3-4) who wish to explore the use of digital interfaces/technology in the curriculum. Faculty Liaison: Nate Eastman

2.) Teaching and Learning Collaborative Study Trips

Money to support faculty coming together to learn in a spirit of “deep play” on a chosen integrated, thematic topic (e.g. “borders,” “rites and rights,” “place”, etc.). Faculty Liaison: Lyn MIller

3.) Project Collaboratives

Money to support approximately various project collaboratives. Projects are meant to be student-faculty “applied” project research where students have the opportunity to gain tangible skills in specific areas such as: 

Digital skills (GIS, digital mapping, video, etc.)

Production skills (media, communications, etc.)

Business skills (fund-raising, accounting, marketing, etc.)

Community development (collaboration, leadership, etc.)

Project management (logistics, planning, problem solving, etc.) 

Faculty Liaison: Joann Quinones


Digital Collaboratives Project Faculty Application (Due: October 1, 2014)

Summer Teaching/Learning Collaborative Application
(Due: December 1, 2014)

Faculty-Student Project Collaborative Application (Rolling Deadlines — Proposals will be considered starting on November 1, 2014.)

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