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Lilly Immersion Experience Grants

Please submit an online application here. 

You will be asked to indicate the type of project that you are requesting funding for:

  1. Professional Development Funds for you (or a group of faculty) to job-shadow, network, or otherwise build partnerships with an Indiana agency, organization, or company.
  2. Course, Major, or Minor Development Funds for you (or a group of faculty) to plan career activities, assignments, or engagements into courses or academic programs (should have some connection to Indiana). 
  3. Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Funds for you (or a group of faculty) and students to complete collaborative student-faculty research in collaboration with an Indiana organization that helps students develop tangible knowledge, skills, and abilities toward a career with an Indiana organization. The research should have some connection to Indiana (by either being place-based or by developing connections that will contribute to employment in Indiana after graduation).
  4. Student-Faculty Collaborative Travel Funds for you (or a group of faculty) and students to travel in Indiana. Travel trips must relate either to building “place attachment” or an appreciation for Indiana or must connect specifically to employment possibilities in the state (through networking events, professional conferences, etc.).

In addition you will need to submit a narrative abstract (600 words) describing the project and rationale for the project, including the following items:

  • How does the project fit the stated goals of the Indiana Pathways grant?
  • What are the benefits and who will it benefit? (include approx. numbers of participants)
  • Procedures for completing the project and suggested evaluation and assessment procedures
  • Project timeline (must be completed in 9 months or less)

All proposals must include a detailed budget listing anticipated expenses.

Due Dates

Priority deadlines are November 1st & April 1st each year.
A decision will be made within 14 days of each application deadline

Applications will be accepted past the priority deadline if additional funds allow.

Additional Information

Funds will generally range from $500-$5,000 depending on the size and scope of the proposed initiatives. Planning stipends and “off-contract” summer work is paid at the usual college rate ($150/person/day).

At the completion of the project, awardees are required to submit a report (due 30 days after completion of project) that explains the outcomes of the project.

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