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Ananda Mishra '18

What are your interests?

Science, doing experiments, medicine, playing soccer, working in teams, cooking, watching movies, going for a walk, helping people.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

As an intern at Biochemistry and molecular biology department at IUPUI, I want to learn how it is to work independently in the lab. I think this experience is going to test my abilities to research and collaborate in the lab and help me decide my decisions after Earlham.

About This Internship:

This intense 9 week program is designed to provide a strong foundation for developing and growing research skills through exposure to laboratory research focused on biomedical neuroscience research. We have more than 50 faculty at the SNRI housed in 11 different departments providing a wide-range of clinically-relevant research questions aimed at exposing the mechanisms and potential therapeutic treatments to treat multiple disorders of the nervous system. Basic and translational research specialties of our faculty include pain and sensor systems, spinal cord and brain injury, as well as a number of developmental, affective, mood, movement, neurodegenerative and addictive disorders.

Ananda Mishra

Ananda Mishra '18

Research Intern, Stark Neurosciences Research Institute

Major: Biochemistry

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