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EPIC Advantage Internship Funding

The EPIC Advantage is a unique opportunity for Earlham students to put theory to practice through internships, research, and community projects. Learn more about the EPIC Advantage here, and check out our FAQ about EPIC Advantage internship funding below.


What qualifies as an EPIC Advantage internship?

To qualify for EPIC Advantage funding, your internship should be career-discerning and include meaningful, project-based work. Click here to see a complete list of requirements for an Earlham CCE Internship.


Am I eligible for EPIC Advantage internship funding?

If you are an Earlham student who is/will be enrolled in both the spring semester preceding the internship and the fall semester following the internship, and you have not yet completed an EPIC Advantage experience of any kind, then you may apply for EPIC Advantage Internship funding. Read this page to make sure you are eligible and willing to participate in the Earlham Internship Program. 


How do I apply for EPIC Advantage internship funding?

 Before you apply for funding, you must find and secure an internship. Suggested steps:

  1. Schedule an initial appointment with you Career Coach. After logging into Handshake, choose the EPIC Advantage Discernment meeting if you would like to discuss your options for using EPIC Advantage funding. This meeting is encouraged, but not required.
  2. Begin or continue working towards your ProFound certification. ProFound (Professional Foundations) includes career workshops and appointments designed to prepare you for applying for and working in internships. ProFound is not required in order to qualify for funding, but students who have completed ProFound prior to beginning their internship will have fewer course requirements for the internship. Plus, you will have a better understanding of the internship search process.
  3. Search, apply for, and secure an internship. We recommend that you start your search in Handshake, but there are many other resources you may use to find internships.
  4. Apply for funding if your internship is unpaid or underpaid. You will need to schedule an "Internship Funding Application Assistance" appointment with a Career Coach to gain access to the funding application in Handshake. Go to the Apply for Funding page to learn more about the requirements for your funding application.





Applications Open

First Day after Fall Break

November 27, 2017


Priority Deadline for Internships Outside the US

First Day after Early Semester Break

February 19, 2018


Final Deadline for Internships Outside the US

First Day after Spring Break

March 19, 2018


Priority Deadline for Internships Within the US

First Day after Spring Break

March 19, 2018


Final Deadline for Internships Within the US

First Monday in April

April 2, 2018




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