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ProFound and Career Ready

Pro Found LogoWhat are the ProFound and Career Ready Programs?

The CCE is introducing the new ProFound (Professional Foundations) and Career Ready programs to recognize the hard work that Earlham Students are already doing and to help identify areas where there may still be room for growth. These programs are designed to prepare you for the professional experiences you have while attending Earlham and to help you transition into life after Earlham. Whether you are hoping to go directly into graduate school, take a gap year, or enter the professional workforce, these two certifications will assist you. They are flexible and recognize the work you are already putting in. 

You can participate in ProFound and Career Ready no matter your year. All attendance records from the last three years of CCE workshops are kept on record and past attendance will be counted. Schedule a meeting with your Career Coach to see how much of ProFound and Career Ready you might already have completed. 

The first certification, ProFound, is designed to be completed within one or two semesters, ideally before you have a research or internship experience. All of the workshops are offered every semester and many of them can also be fulfilled by meeting one-on-one with your Career Coach. The purpose is to provide the basic professional preparation so you feel confident applying and taking part in professional experiences, such as internships, while attending Earlham.

Requirements for ProFound may often be met through class workshops or one-on-one meetings with Career Coaches. For example, a Psychology professor might host a Career Coach to talk about how to create a resume as a Psych major. This would fulfill the resume requirement for ProFound after the updated resume is sent and reviewed by a Career Coach. 


ProFound (Professional Foundations) Requirements

  1. Meeting with Career Coach
  2. Resume and Cover Letter Workshops
  3. Resume and Cover Letter Review
  4. Interview Skills Workshop and Mock Interview
  5. Professional Etiquette Workshop
  6. Budgeting Basics Workshop


Descriptions of ProFound Requirements 

  1. Complete a MEETING WITH YOUR CAREER COACH to plan for the future.
    This meeting should be to discuss goals, major discernment, four-year plan, career aspirations, and goals regarding internships or research experiences. Log in to Handshake to set up a career exploration meeting.

    The resume and cover letter workshops are often combined into one workshop.

  3. Complete a RESUME AND COVER LETTER REVIEW with a Career Coach or Peer Career Coach.
    Completed resumes and cover letters can be reviewed by either a Career Coach or one of the trained Peer Career Coaches. Documents may need to be edited before final approval. 
    Go here to view Peer Career Coach drop-in hours.
    Go here to set up an appointment with a Career Coach.

  4. Attend an INTERVIEW SKILLS WORKSHOP and complete a MOCK INTERVIEW with a Career Coach.
    The interview workshop should be attended before completing a mock interview. Keep an eye on upcoming events in Handshake or contact your Career Coach about interview skills.
    Mock interviews are designed to be as close to a real interview as possible. The Career Coaches can facilitate in-person interviews, phone, video, or panel interview. Students choose a job that they want to mock interview for with the Career Coach and provide a job description, resume, and cover letter before attending the mock interview.

  5. Attend a workshop on PROFESSIONAL ETIQUETTE.
    This workshop is often combined with the interview skills workshop because the information goes hand-in-hand.
    This information may also be incorporated into a Prep Session workshop prior to a career fair or networking event.

  6. Attend a workshop on BUDGETING BASICS.
    This workshop covers the basics of how to create and maintain a budget while in college and beyond. A large portion of the workshop will cover how to create a budget for the EPIC Advantage internships and research experiences.

The Career Ready certification is designed to be done over the course of your Earlham experience. Though the ProFound pieces need to be finished before receiving your Career Ready certificate, you can fulfill requirements for both simultaneously. Career Ready helps prepare you for transitioning into professional life outside of Earlham, whether that is in the work force or graduate school. 


Career Ready Requirements

  1. ProFound Prerequisite
  2. Networking Event
  3. EPIC Advantage Experience
  4. Community or Leadership Experience
  5. Additional Electives


 Descriptions of Career Ready Requirements

  1. Complete the ProFound PREREQUISITE.
    To complete Career Ready, you must also complete all of the requirements for ProFound. You do not have to finish the ProFound requirements prior to working on Career Ready requirements.

  2. Complete a minimum of one NETWORKING EVENT. See below for options that will fulfill the requirement.

    Alumni or Networking Event: This can include events such as the Alumni-Student Connections Social. Discuss with a Career Coach if you have an event that you are attending and want to use to fulfill this requirement. 

    Career Fair: Most career fairs, on or off Earlham’s campus, can be counted for this. The CCE will require students to provide a minimum of three business cards from employers to show that they engaged at the event. 

    Graduate School Fair: Most graduate school fairs, on or off Earlham’s campus, can be counted for this. The CCE will require students to provide a minimum of three business cards from graduate school reps to show that they engaged at the event. 

    Professional Conference: Most conferences will meet the requirements but please discuss the conference you are planning on attending with a Career Coach before attending.

  3. Complete your EPIC ADVANTAGE EXPERIENCE. You can choose to use your EPIC Advantage for one of the following:
    Community Project
    Collaborative Research

  4. Complete a minimum of one COMMUNITY OR LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE, which could include the following:

    Earlham Off-Campus Program: Discuss with the Center for Global Education staff, your academic advisor, and your Career Coach if you are interested in studying abroad and which program might be best for you.

    Community Volunteer: Complete 30 hours of volunteer work. Can be volunteer experience on Earlham campus as well as Bonner service. The 30 hours should be completed at one location/department so that a student gets a full volunteer experience.

    Externship: This includes the health externships.

    Campus Community Leadership: This can include club leadership, student government, being a Resident Assistant or Hall Director, August Wilderness class leadership, Outdoor Education leadership, etc. Discuss with Career Coach to see if your leadership experience can be counted.

    Sports Team Leadership: Captain of an Earlham sports team for minimum of one season.

  5. Complete a minimum of SIX ELECTIVES. Electives can include any of the following and more:
  • Job Search Workshop 
  • LinkedIn Workshop 
  • Present at EPIC Expo 
  • Present at professional conference 
  • Financial Life Skills Workshop 
  • Diversity and Identity in the Workplace 
  • Career Fair or Networking Prep Sessions 
  • Salary Negotiations Workshop 
  • Graduate School Information Workshop 
  • Fellowship Information Workshop 
  • Public Speaking Course 
  • Other resume building activities or workshops may be counted with Career Coach approval

(Students need to attend a minimum of six workshops to meet the elective requirements. This list is not comprehensive and other workshop topics will be created. If there is something that you would like to see offered as a session or workshop and it is not covered, or there is another workshop that you have attended through another department and want to know if it could be counted, please see your Career Coach.)

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