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Collaborate with the Career Education Office

At Earlham, career education is much more than just helping students find jobs; it's about helping students grow and develop their life's work in meaningful ways. The Career Education Office can help faculty find creative and engaging ways to integrate career education into the classroom experience. Our Career Advisers can:

  • Visit classrooms for presentations on career-related topics
  • Facilitate workshops on resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and more
  • Help organize career-related events for students in your department
  • Connect your students to alumni in their fields

By combining your expertise in your field with the career knowledge and skills of our staff, we can provide students with meaningful opportunities to learn and engage in career education.

Request a Program or Presentation

If you have an idea for a career-related program or would like to bring a Career Adviser to your classroom, please fill out this form to request a program.

Our office takes a divisional approach to advising. To find out who the Career Adviser for your division is, click here.

Assignments and Worksheets

Career and Lifestyle Goals Worksheet

Our Career and Lifestyle Goals Worksheet can help students begin to think holistically about their career development as it relates to other areas of their life.

LinkedIn Scavenger Hunt

The LinkedIn Scavenger Hunt is recommended for students in the second year or above. It can help start a classroom conversation about: 

  • How to communicate professionally through digital platforms
  • How to navigate LinkedIn and use it as a tool for meaningful connection
  • The value of creating and maintaining a professional online presence
  • The value of being “good online citizens” who contribute to scholarly and professional discussions in their fields of interest


These resources can help faculty integrate career education into the classroom and provide useful information to students.

Earlham Integrated Learning Guide

Our Integrated Learning Guide is meant to guide students in their educational and career growth while at Earlham. It provides detailed information about how students can build a foundation for their own unique 10-year mindset, whether they are in their first or last year of college.


Symplicity is Earlham's online job posting and application system. Students can upload resumes and cover letters, create a profile, and apply for a variety of opportunities. If you have an opportunity you would like to post, please contact our office.

Our Resource Toolbox

Our Resource Toolbox provides links to online resources which can help students with career planning, graduate school applications, and job/internship searches. Some resources require a password or access code; our office can provide you with this information.

Earlham Career Education Office on Pinterest

Our office uses Pinterest to keep track of helpful websites, resources, and opportunities which students and faculty may find helpful. You can find us at If you come across websites or online resources which you would like us to share with other students and faculty through Pinterest, please let us know.

What Can I Do With This Major?

Help your students explore possible career paths with this resource.

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