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Services for Alumni

At Earlham, we view a career as not just a job, but a journey; as such, our office is committed to helping Earlhamites pursue their goals and aspirations even after graduation. Alumni services include, but are not limited to:

  • reviews of resumes, cover letters, graduate/professional school applications, and other career-related documents
  • career coaching appointments
  • access to resources, including Symplicity
  • networking connections through the Earlham Career Network (ECNet)

Use the tabs on this page to explore the Career Education Office's services and resources for alumni.

Career Advising

The Career Education Office is your resource for career guidance. If you are interested in communicating with a Career Coach, whether in-person or via phone, Skype, or email, please contact our office.

What is an EPIC Alumni Mentor, and how do I register? 

EPIC Alumni Mentors are alumni who are willing to be contacted by students for mentoring conversations. Mentors create profiles in Symplicity and may choose the frequency and type of student interaction they prefer. 

To register as an alumni mentor:

  • If you graduated in or after 2014, you still have an account in Symplicity. Please contact us at and let us know that you would like to be a mentor. We will grant you access to ProNet and provide you with further information.
  • If you graduated prior to 2014, please register to become an alumni mentor using this form.

What is expected of me as an EPIC Alumni Mentor?

Mentors are expected to keep an up-to-date profile in Symplicity (including relevant employment information) and be willing to engage students who reach out to them via the Professional Network. In creating your profile, you have control over how often you may be contacted by students.

How can I be an effective mentor?

Different students vary in their level of career development. Some students seek out mentors in order to explore possible career paths and learn more about life after Earlham. Others are in need of specific professional advice on interviewing and the job search. Below are some tips for having an effective mentoring conversation with a student.

  1. Define the student's goal for the mentoring relationship, as well as your own.
  2. Manage the student's expectations around the mentoring relationship. Be clear about what you can and cannot help with and how often you will be able to communicate.
  3. Practice active listening and ask clarifying questions as needed. 
  4. Ask the student open-ended questions to spark discussion. 
  5. Help students learn how to come to their own conclusions and solve their own problems, instead of offering ready-made solutions.

What are some topics I should discuss with my mentee?

Topics for mentoring may include professional advice, financial life skills, navigating a new city, and more. As a mentor, you should take some time to think about what you are comfortable talking to student mentees about. Below are a few great conversation starters.

  • What are your long- and short-term goals? 
  • What are your strengths? Weaknesses or challenges?
  • What student organizations are you involved in? 
  • What is your favorite class? 
  • Have you done a summer internship? What did you learn? 
  • Have you done an off-campus study program? 
  • Why did you choose to attend Earlham? 
  • Why did you choose your major? 

It can also be useful for students to hear about alumni career and life paths. Understanding how different people go from graduation to their first job and the next is extremely valuable, and underscores the value of a liberal arts education.

How should I connect with my mentees? 

You may choose any methods of communication that work for you in connecting with your mentees. You may use the internal messaging system through Symplicity, or you may provide your mentee with your email address, LinkedIn profile, or phone number. If you live near your mentee, you can even take them out for coffee or lunch.

Earlham students are encouraged to create LinkedIn profiles and to utilize this site for networking. If you'd like to connect with students via this platform, please consider joining our LinkedIn group and participating in the discussions.

You might also consider attending the Alumni Connections Social during Homecoming. The Alumni Connections Social serves as a networking opportunity for juniors and seniors to meet alumni in their fields of interest.

How often should I connect with my mentees?

Through your mentoring profile, you may control how many students are able to contact you via Symplicity each quarter. You can also define the nature and frequency of the mentoring relationship through a conversation with each student. Once a student has expressed interest in being your mentee, you will receive an email from Symplicity. Please reach out to interested students as soon as you are able. If you haven't heard from a mentee in a while, feel free to reach out and ask questions to restart the conversation.

Alumni as Employers

Many of our alumni are influencing the world in meaningful ways and find themselves with positions to fill. We welcome the submission of any information you might have about job, internship, or volunteer opportunities. To post opportunities for Earlham students, contact our office or create an Employer account in Symplicity, our office's online job posting and application system. Symplicity allows members of our community to create a profile, search and apply for jobs, and connect with employers of interest.

If you have questions about Symplicity or would like to talk to someone about other ways to recruit Earlham students as interns, volunteers, or employees, please contact the Center for Career and Community Engagement.

Career Resources 

Resource Toolbox

Our Resource Toolbox is a collection of online resources for career planning, applying to graduate school, and finding jobs/internships.



TheHeart is the online hub for Earlham students, faculty, and staff. Alumni can request an account here. Once logged in, click on the Alumni tab to find information and resources from the Career Education Office. 


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