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We believe completing an internship is an integral part of your Earlham education.  It is required for the major and offers you opportunities for:

  • Experiential education about companies or nonprofits/NGOs
  • Career exploration
  • Applied learning in marketing, management, accounting, finance, economics
  • Faculty assessment of your learning experience
  • Networking
  • Transition between college and a career

Bemba Diarra '12 interned at the Development Bank of Mali.
Bemba Diarra '12 interned at the Development Bank of Mali.

Steps for a BNP Management Internship:

  1. Complete MGMT 100 or MGMT 200.
  2. Declare your major
  3. Get to know the staff in the Center for Integrated Learning and watch for announcements from them about networking opportunities, resume writing, internship application opportunities, and other career development workshops and meetings. The staff will assist you in the next two steps.
  4. Develop your resume and review and revise it in consultation from the Center for Integrated Learning.
  5. Find an internship - paid or unpaid. It's up to you. This prepares you for future job hunting. It takes time. It takes patience and persistence. For ideas, see links below for options to consider. For help see the Center for Integrated Learning.
  6. Complete the internship form and have it reviewed and signed by the employer, a BNPM adviser, and the Registrar during spring registration for a summer internship or during fall registration for a winter internship. Register for 1 credit.
  7. In the fall after your internship take Field Experience Seminar (2 credits).
  8. Revise your resume to reflect your experience and academic work and stay in touch with career development activities.

Schedule an appointment with the Center for Integrated Learning to get help on your resume or any other needs:

Mark Gaines
Director of Career Advising and Graduate Outcomes
E-mail: /  Phone: 765-983-1728

Your internship position should afford you:

  • Access to multiple areas of the organization
  • Financial and budgetary information or alternative quantitative information
  • Exposure to decision making processes
  • Information on the organizational structure
  • Knowledge of operations
Apply to one of our programs:Apply through IPO:Find your own!
New York Arts Program Valplast (Long Island, New York)  QuakeConnect
Philadelphia Program Lithko (near Cincinnati, OH) Network: draw on alumni, friends, parents and other contacts of friends
   Asia Tech Source  

Requirements for Intern and Employer:

All BNP majors must complete an internship of at least 130 hours, paid or unpaid. It must be a learning experience with measurable academic objectives in addition to a work experience. 

*While we use the term internship, your position does not have be labeled Internship by your employer.

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