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Ajit Chavan

Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science


  • Computer Science


  • Ph.D., Auburn University
  • B.S., Shivaji University (India)

Selected Courses

CS 256 Data Structures

CS 310 Computer Algorithms

CS 360 Parallel & Distributed Systems

CS 410 Networks and Networking


Ajit is interested in parallel and distributed systems. Distributed systems are usually deployed when task at hand cannot be completed in required time using a single computer. He's also interested in developing big data applications and designing an infrastructure to allow storing and processing huge amount of data. Ajit teaches different courses such as Data Structures, Computer Algorithms, and Parallel & Distributed Systems. His most recently published work is in the area of thermal management in the cluster computing.  


Research Projects

Thermal-Aware File Allocation in Storage Cluster: This study is aimed at investigating the impact of file allocation on the thermal profile of the storage cluster. We developed a file allocation policy- to reduce cooling cost of the storage clusters by minimizing the heat re-circulation in data center.

Thermal-Aware Resource Allocation in YARN: In this study, we explore opportunities of managing thermal profile of data centers housing Hadoop clusters. We developed a scheduling policy to reduce the cooling cost of the data centers.

Professional Memberships

IEEE — the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.