"For generations, Earlhamites have chosen to start their Earlham experience by testing their limits in the August Wilderness Program. And, for the first time last Saturday, those alumni and current students came together to reminisce, compare experiences, and share stories." Eli Richman

Alumni Testimonials

"I appreciate the care the leaders took to craft a program to teach skills and self confidence- an appreciation for nature. I made lasting friendships." - AW Alumni '72

"AW opened my eyes to traveling in nature with groups that have been the basis of the path of work I have chosen and how I spend my personal recreation time. My memories are so vivid and continue to inspire me!" - AW Alumni '85

"It shaped the next 25 years of my life." - AW Alumni & Instructor '84, '85, '87

"It is very special to have an outdoor adventure program integrated into the college experience. The students hav an opportunity to develop amazing friendships and develop lasting skills. I have been forever impacted by this program." - AW Alumni '90

"AW was one of the best experiences I had in all my time at Earlham!" - AW Alumni '01

"I believe AW really is a microcosm of Earlham life on campus. Putting the principles of Earlham College into practice. It was the start of a continued passion in and for the outdoors for me. My favorite memory is paddling quietly with another student far ahead of the group and seeing a mother caribou and her baby swim in front of us." - AW Alumni '00


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